Ashley, Ohio: historical mural, Part 2



A train whistle stop,

farming community,

soybeans but mainly

sweet corn festival,

material or fodder for

prominent subjects in the

Artist in Residence mural,

designed by Third Grade,

participants from K – 5,

Buckeye Valley East Elementary School.


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    • Thanks, Merril! I squeezed a few minutes last busy (grandies were over) weekend replying to posts.
      Unfortunately when you hope to share all the pieces of something as big as the children’s art mural, you know it may mean delayed responses. Please forgive this reply since saying it was beautiful and. Sweet was very nice.

    • Diana, the two women and the art teacher were very “in tune” with the students’ suggestions which helped make this a lovely collaboration. I am sure the bulk of the background and historical references were from the adults.
      Those children’s faces and some fun details really make this unique! πŸ™‚
      Sometime soon I will post our Delaware, Ohio individual art pieces made by the two women along. . .

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