Ashley, Ohio: historical mural, Part 1



Farming Town,

Full Mural with

sources of pride,



School bus,

Horse drawn buggy,

Children’s elementary school.

The mural pieces were on display

this past Wednesday with

post office yesterday

for Thursday’s Doors.

Sent you a slice of

strawberry pie,

ice cream cone,

sweet corn,

with dollops of

homespun fabric of

small town U.S.A.


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    • Jill, this is what really created such a unique art mural. Thank you for saying this very nice comment about the children’s sweet faces!

      I fell behind on this mural’s responses and am grateful for so many thoughts shared here. πŸ™‚

    • I will definitely re-send them in refrigerated packages, Dan . . . Keep an eye out for the ice cream and pie!
      Sorry, finally getting to the comments and responding about the art mural project. It has so much to give to readers but didnt quite take in my responsibility in this! Thank you for your sticking with it all. πŸ™‚

    • James, I cannot even “like” your posts due to an attachment in it. Can you get it off now?

      Your blog still has the European (“EU”) attachment and it won’t let me past it! Not sure why or how there are several blogs still containing this annoying feature. I live in the U.S. and cannot vote, so why is it on your blog?

    • The children were given chance to vote and give input but a lot of the work of design was upon the art teacher and two female artists. Their self portraits and fun details still added to this,. Marissa. So sorry, last weekend had the grandies all weekend (I posted the 3 sleeping kids. . .)
      I never thought ahead how much time responding would take. I loved πŸ™‚ reading your comment and definitely would send you in a freezer boxed package, strawberry pie and chocolate ice cream.

    • Mike, such a fun comment! I had three “busy” grandkids all past weekend so finally getting all my loose ends ties up. . . I appreciate the time you take to write and smiled at the idea of my “teaser.” πŸ™‚

    • Thank you and so glad you enjoyed this mural, Brenda. I see this as a special ongoing center of attention for this tiny town of less than 2000 people. I will need to come and visit your cheerful post soon.

    • Thank you for including a place I need to look up, Brenda! I also wish I had seen this Gaudi’s mosaic park, while visiting Barcelona. It would have taken a truly perceptive tour agent for high school students to have arranged this!

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