Ashley, Ohio: historical mural, Part 3



Each child was given a piece

of modeling clay to be made

into self-portraits, while

they learned it is a big

challenge to use tiny

marks to resemble

their own mouths,

eyes and ears.

Once fired up

with initials

on back,

Each child

were given

blank blocks

to paint with glazes,

creating “selfies,”

formed for posterity.


The school, school bus

and other parts of the art mural

were created by two artists,

and a fantastic teacher who

requested Ohio grant for an

Artist in Resident,

this is one of last

“Pieces of the Ashley, Ohio

Historical Art Mural.”

Thanks for viewing!


Ashley is a county village,

it’s schools are part of

Delaware County Schools.

My grandies go to

Delaware City Schools,

we are called the “County Seat.”

but each of their schools

also have a mural consisting

of broken crockery, bits of

mirrors, ceramic and clay pieces.


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  1. I noticed the little faces in the first pictures you posted on this mural. I’m so glad they are tied to actual students. Years from now they’ll bring their grandkids and say “that’s me”!!!

  2. So cool about the face. What a great project!
    And yay for funding for the arts! I feel so bad for places where kids don’t get to have any experience with art, music, or theater.

    • Thanks, Marissa! I think it was well worth taking it in segments but I must admit I missed several comments. . . . Keeping up with the nice thoughts like this got the best of me, I am afraid.

  3. Robin, thank you for sharing these great pieces of art. I had to call Allie over so she could see them. What a lovely way to start my Friday.

    Have a great weekend. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful works.

    • Cindy, thank you for taking the time to look at each piece of this art mural project. I enjoyed the school bus segment particularly, too. πŸ™‚

      Sorry, I fell behind in my responses. It was a conundrum as I posted so many, realizing the replies would be possibly related.

    • Kirt, thank you for taking the time to see it all! I do feel one photograph doesn’t give you the “feel” of each piece being set into the whole mural. What a vision and I know those children won’t forget this memorable experience. πŸ™‚

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