Tangled up in Love



::  Weekends at Nana’s  ::

We went to a restaurant to eat,

Two of “us kids” had Adult meals!

One of us chose a free kid’s meal,

No pressure, done willingly.

Everyone wanted,

“fries with sandwiches”

while the one male in the group

suggested Onion Rings

“for our appetizer.”

Nana said, “You’ll have to eat carrots

tomorrow” and “Drink some

fruit juice or eat some fruit.”

Everyone circled words on the

zigzag, horizontal, vertical but

none could find the last one~

Sister said in exasperation,

“Probably it’s BACKWARDS!”

A little too loudly and indignantly

but no one gave a glance to

three children in noisy,

family friendly place.

Here are our ages:

age 7, Miss M,

age 6, Little Miss M,

and age 7, Cousin

Mister M, who is lovingly

known as “the Little Man.”

The three M’s then patiently,

with onion-ring-greasy fingers

constructed their cardboard

racing cars together.

We made choices, plans and

basically put our heads together

in our democratic group,

using the Voting Process.

Where we would go next,

Making sure a Park,

Classic Car Show stroll

along the 3 blocks between

Park and Central Avenues,

Up and down Sandusky Street

in Delaware, Ohio,

studying the superb displays

of Antique Automobile Clubs

and a late night flashlight

adventure were all included.

A suggestion of the

Air-conditioned Burger King

with milk shakes included

was vetoed by Nana Power,

but the appeal of the cool

temperature plus three sweet,



and final

“Pretty Please!”

from son of oldest daughter

who has shown “defeat” from

this particular antiquated appeal

got the Head of Household~

Nana Vote~


All of the above were

accomplished and sleep ensued

with some snoring included

from our eldest member.

(Oh, yes, Nana makes

“snoring little puffs 

which sound like,

‘Poof!’ “)

Apparently, a 60 year old

Nana is “hilarious” while

snoring with these

vocal emissions.

The spider web,

Labyrinth and

finding the

rocking chairs

set up for the

OWU college students on

the hike were some of

“Best Parts.”

We discussed school starting

on August 17, 2016.

This date was not

verified by any

actual parents.

Excited prevailing mood,

while Nana’s heart was sad,

since Summer seems to be

Simply flying past

Way too fast!


I have the picture taken

with the three cousins

wearing BK crowns,

labeled it:

“The Royal M’s.”

Sent off to all parents,

Great Uncle Rich,

and Aunt Felicia:

Pronounced in

superlative text



Hope you found yourself

chuckling at our Saturday

night summary. Did you see

some cute little toes peeking

out from the pile of sheets,

blankets, pillows and two

stuffed animals,

Tangled up in Love?

~written by Robin



79 responses »

    • The one facing the bottom’s foot is Marley, girl. The one up at the top part is Micah’s! It shocked me how long they are, Jen!
      When is your grandbaby arriving? ❤

      • Bubs a turnip. haha ha! My youngest used to be called “little bub” by her cousins. Didn’t imagine it an international term, now I will smile at this! 🙂 xo I am praying all goes well and getting up to write January 12th as an important time for you all. ❤

    • Oops, apparently we all tend to make some older adult noises. The kids kept laughing and muted the TV while I slept, to verify and the first thing told me this am! 🙂

  1. I love your title–and the photo that goes with it. It sounds like a wonderful day was had by all!
    (But school begins on August 17th? That’s crazy!) 🙂
    I know it starts early in some places. Here they still wait till after Labor Day.

  2. Ah, definitely an adorable tangle. I used to go out to eat somewhere with my parents (can’t remember what the restaurant was called) and I used to love to order the fried basket with had fried chicken, fries and onion rings. Ugh, can you imagine eating that today? A week or carrots for that!

    • Ugh, bit so delicious, too! Marissa, I try to eat healthy four or five days a week but kind of “splurge” on weekends. I eat a lot of spring greens and spinach salads after I work in such hot temps on my long summer days. Yes, yours was a triple threat and carrots would help “de-grease” that situation, too. Ha ha! A week would be a long make up for one “bad eating day!” 🙂

  3. You tuckered them out, Nana. They must love spending time with you. How fun. I laughed when you told them they were going to have to each some carrots to make up for the onion rings 🙂

    • Yes, they slept in the morning but I fell asleep first at night! Such funny moments (carrots, fruit) which they recite like it is a “litany” back to their parents.
      The “power” of being a grandparent is rather awesome, Diana. 🙂

  4. Fun family time. That picture took me back to the days when my parents might have had overnight company and the kids were all piled into the couches and chesterfield chairs to free up some beds. We loved it. It was like a party for us.

    • Overnight guests, accompanied by children are always so much fun. It does feel like a party. Thanks, Anneli for listing chesterfield chairs since that brings back memories of my cousins’ house!

      • My mom used to pull the chesterfield chair up to the couch at right angles so someone could sleep in the chair with their feet on the couch. Someone else would be sleeping at the other end of the couch and feet would meet. Fun times.

      • Oh, thanks for sharing this, Anneli. I can picture this so well now. I thought those larger chairs could fit curled up kids, looking like kitties.
        In my one bedroom apartment, I use an exercise pad on my coffee table and we create a big blocked in space. It has fit up to five kids before!

  5. Beautiful, happy and comforting post. Having 11 grandchildren (three adopted) of my own, I have had a few of these days, but not enough as I live in another country to them 😦

  6. So sweet! I loved the snoring bit 🙂
    Sassy had a snowman when she was small. I mean, she still has it, but now she doesn’t drag it around anymore. “Noman” was his name, of course. Also, I kinda want some onion rings right now…

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