Thursday’s Doors ~ Barn in Circle of Nature



The worn and beaten gray building

looked forlorn from the crisp red

barn where livestock still arrives,

safe shelter from snow in winter.

The air between boards isn’t

flowing with wind breezes

at the newer red barn.

This Thursday’s Doors is

part of a weekly presentation,

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of Thursday’s Doors,

Norm Frampton at:


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    • Thanks for looking and seeing the contrast between new and old barns. My photograph could have had a close-up of the barns but this week’s focus was nature. I thought about a corny line~ “window between the trees. . .”

  1. This picture caught my eye because I do love old barns. There is something about the old weather worn wood and the history that can include generations of families producing food for others.

    • Aww, yes the history of generations of sometimes one family producing food for others makes this a meaningful barn. Thanks for helping me out, adding fine words like “weather worn wood,” too.:)

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