Cicada stole my heart



His one wing was nearly

half the size of the other.

He flew awkwardly from a

branch above me taking a

nosedive into the towel I was

sitting on, reading a book out

in the sunshine. His buzzing

seemed at a higher pitch or

somehow I sensed his handicap

from the way his piercingly high

“bzz…t-ph  bzz… t-fff!”

Cicadas have a hissing sound,

regular and consistent, like a

beat pulsing, like a saw buzzing.

As he moved around I noticed

his frog like neck. His bug eyes

watched me as his humming

simmered down to a quiet

pulsating sound. I whispered,

“Are you okay there, buddy?”

This will show up in many

following photographs with my

disjointed raw emotions

and not sure why,

but jagged edges of my mind.

Cicada, just how many minutes,

hours or possibly days do you

have left to your existence?

Do any of us really know

what time left we have?


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    • I am so glad you liked (loved it)! It was really interesting since I mentioned this to a few people and they said they would have (squished) squashed it! Thanks, Fiona. πŸ™‚

      • No way! I love insects. My cousins son (so I suppose my cousin once removed or thereabouts) is doing his PhD on a rare species of wasp found only in Panama and which had not evolved at all and holds clues and keys to evolutionary theorem. He is a wonderful young man. Since he was a little boy he would tell people I was a goody because I don’t kill any bugs. I like this accolade very much!

    • Oh, you deserve accolades, Fiona! You have an open, caring heart plus you are kind to all creatures, even bugs and insects.
      Your cousin’s son sounds like a very smart man and i am always excited to hear of research on life, finding answers to its mysterious ways! Thanks for sharing about him! ❀

  1. What interesting way to approach the philosophical questions of life, like: How long do we have to live? Why are some beings healthier than others?

    I guess, as we approach a certain age, these questions seem more poignant. What I took from your story was greater insight into how thoughtful, empathic and compassionate you are. – Mike

    • I am very appreciative of your thoughtful, kind comment, Mike. I was surprised at how many people (in and out of work friends) said they would have shaken the towel and then stepped on it. One person I like said this and it took me aback.
      Life is fragile and there is a balance to keep. Definitely when our life or others are imperiled then killing makes sense. Someone with a bee allergy may need to kill a bee before it lands on them, for example. Thanks for also seeing the metaphor in Life, within this post. Hugs!

    • Thanks for your wish for my Saturday, Jill. I also liked the way you expressed enjoying each moment of the day. Time is limited and I appreciate your reading this somewhat weird post! Hugs!

  2. Robin, the answer is of course no – we never know. I’ve realised it just takes everyone there own time to become aware of this fact. Lovely post and yet another insect you’ve introduced me to!

    • Annika, it was strange how bugs just were everywhere I went about a week ago. πŸ™‚ I am glad to introduce you to the cicada.
      I waited til the children’s art mural week was over to go off into the natural world of bugs and flying insects.
      Thanks for finding it to be lovely. I liked the significant idea that we each find our awareness of time limitations, in our own time.

    • Colleen, you are so kind to wait until the cicada moved away from your window, to drive away. πŸ™‚
      I took this cicada into the shade on my towel and let it crawl off. I think the song which uses the words, “all creatures great and small” passed through my mind. Soon enough the cicada will die off. . .

      • Thanks Robin. I was so surprised to see him there I just kept looking at him. I think I half expected my car to be covered by a surprise swarm. But he was all alone.

        And you have the kindest heart….. πŸ™‚

      • I was glad this cicada didn’t have a gang either. He didn’t seem to have any stingers or harmful “warfare” attachments. My grandies love the next photo scheduled a week or so from now, hanging onto my towel upside down exploring the other side of it.
        A sincere thank you for the last words there. (blushing) We will have to meet one of these days, Colleen! I haven’t been back to German Village since that older post on the Book Loft. Hugs, Robin

      • Busy lives. . . Such is life, which is good. Hope your week is going well, Colleen. πŸ™‚
        Delaware grandies going back to school today. Little Kyah off to kindergarten. Hendrix will wonder what’s going on!

      • Yes, we are so very lucky. Life is good which includes busy moments. Helps to appreciate the quiet ones. πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t have it any other way, Colleen.

  3. The sound of a cicada is a fond indicator of summer and their impending absence is truly a sad thing. Saludos πŸ™‚

    • I am so glad you like the sound of the cicada. I felt so bad for this one with unbalanced wings! Thanks, Jill. I have had about eight years of Spanish, while my Mom taught 30 years. πŸ™‚ Saludos!

      • Well, that is my 87 year old mother for you, she keeps on rolling. She also says a Spanish toast when she sips Sangria. She loves to say when quandaries arise: “Que sera sera.” πŸ™‚
        Y tu, tambien. besos y abrazos!

    • I am rarely philosophical here, this insect’s plight really pulled at my heartstrings, Dan. It did make me wonder how there are adaptions in creatures and adaptations for disabled people.
      Your editor (the Mrs.), Faith and you demonstrate caring for nature and I like your use of “life forms,” too. πŸ™‚

  4. Sometimes a moment of observation can really take us on a journey of reflection. Thank you for sharing your moment with us. Your final question should make all of us pause–it’s the age-old question for which there is no answer.

    • Aww, this was a very nice thought. I hadn’t really wondered if it could actually feel cared about but I did gently place it in the cooler shade on the ground so it would fall on its face! πŸ™‚ Thanks, dear!

  5. I think about that too, Robin, how incredibly brief some creature’s lives are, only days sometimes. I think it’s kind of sweet that you felt such profound compassion for the little bug. πŸ™‚

  6. You really captured some thoughtful moments because of this little creature. We tend to swat at them and push them aside. Not sure I ever thought they could teach a life lesson, but this little guy really did. Nice, nice job, Robin.

  7. so sad the poor thing. I see them all over where we live, such a short life they have. their sound at night in the summer is deafening sometimes- but I love it as it is a summer only sound

  8. Robin, I love this post. Because I do think Cicadas are unappreciated. You had us take notice, and it was such a lovely thing. My favorite thing about cicadas are their songs. I grew up in Texas…and they remind me of Texas summers…my favorite time of the year. While everyone hates the heat, I absorbed the light like it was a blanket of energy…the fuel of my play. Thanks for the sweet reminders.

    • Aww, this idea that the cicada may have sensed my compassion really touches me, Sylvia. ❀
      Their sound almost could be a background to flamenco or other fast paced dancing music! πŸ™‚

  9. On a hot Summers night the sound of Cicadas is music to the ears for me, I imagine a little orchestra of Cicadas playing beautiful serenades under a Cicada conductor dressed in tails, there goes my imagination again.
    I love the detail in your little Cicadas wings Robin.

    • I am glad you noticed the details in his sparkly wings and I liked the green and black design on his back, Ian. πŸ™‚ Your conductor Cicada might make a darling children’s book! ❀

  10. Such a cute critter, I love this deep green color on him. Your summer photographs are beautiful – the wasp, and the bee, and now the cicada. Enjoy the remaining days of summer, Robin! xx

    • Inese, this was so thoughtful of you to say! ❀
      Summer may as well be "over" since my grandies are heading off to school! I wanted to take the day off, but it would put stress on others at work. Hope you will have a lovely week and cannot wait to see what you have been "up to," dear friend. xo

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