Bumblebee with white flower pollen



This bumblebee was so rude,

His or her behind facing outwards,

Entrenched deep into the blossom.

White pollen dusting his yellow

and black stripes.


Photo taken

by reocochran.

I was listed and linked to

a dear friend who has a grandie,

has a sense of humor and may think

a bee’s “bum” covered with pollen

is amusing and silly! Her name

is Diane, she used to play

a flute, is called “Dee”

by those closest to

her. Please check

her blog out

since I may

not get to

an award




Thank you, Diane! xo

Thanks, everyone else who show

patience in my tardy replies

and my late arrivals to

your lovely posts.

<3. ❤


54 responses »

  1. Whenever I see a bumblebee, I imagine hearing the tune, Flight of the Bumblebee. I am trying to remember how many different ways I have heard Flight of the Bumblebee played. I have heard soloists on trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, violin, cello and piano. Can you think of other instruments that bring the sound of the bumblebee to life? – Mike

    • An old fashioned zither but the violin or viola are so good at making that zinging and buzzing sound, Mike. Great musical reference.
      I am so glad you add interesting details to my comments. Lately, I have been a little less research-oriented. It is now up to me to count on my friends~ “to get by with a little help.” ❤

    • I am laughing at your agreeing how rude that darn bee was. Plenty of people catch beautiful photos of bees in flight and their cute antennae, too.Thanks, Marissa! Too much PDA may be the root of this bee’s “problem!” 🙂

    • Well, you are most welcome, Diana. I like having you as a special guest.
      I will have to come and visit a few people who stopped by here tomorrow. Too sleepy now. . . Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

    • All is going well in family and special friend category, Kelly. Thanks for compliments and asking how I am. I hope you are doing great! 🙂
      It is work which has been challenging. Tomorrow is my “going visiting blogging friends’ time.” Sleep tight and pleasant dreams. ❤

    • This made me laugh out loud, Sylvia! I appreciate your calling this gorgeous, since you can capture a night owl in daytime and I loved your B&W of Mr. GBH! He was handsome while making his home more “twiggy.” 🙂
      Are we sure it isn’t flat bottom or fat bottom girls? 😀

    • It may be the equivalent of the pink hibiscus only white (?) The petals remind me of the one I posted immediately before this one, Sarah. Thanks for asking! 🙂
      I have been less research-oriented lately!

    • So true, oblivious. 🙂
      I am happy to have you, Luanne! I cannot wait to see what you have been “up to!” Hope you enjoyed your time away and I did notice.
      Yesterday, went into work at 7 and out at 6:15. Life is busy but happy! xo

  2. Robin, thanks for the shout out! No need to do an awards post, I just wanted people to know what a great blog you have. I know work is keeping you super busy, so don’t apologize , just write when you can. Love ya, Dee

    • Aww, did you see the nice comments people said? Thanks for checking my rather “easy” answer to your sweet and kind listing my blog in the award nomination post! Hugs and you are in my prayers, Dee. My Dad used to get away with calling me “Rob” and would hum the British tune, “Georgie Girl” and sing Robbie Girl. Great memories, dear! ❤

  3. I love it! I also photograph my bumblebees in the hibiscus this time of year. The hibiscus, the speedwell, and those big bees make me appreciate August, despite the heat!

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