Chihuly glass sculpture with grandsons



The Columbus Art Museum has 

Dale Chihuly glass sculptures.

Many people commented they

would like to see more of my

oldest daughter, Carrie’s boys,

Micah (7) and Skyler (11 and half).

They are often interested in art,

as well as sports, cub or boy

scouting and music.

Skyler plays the bass.

Micah enjoyed taking

art last summer at our

local Delaware Arts Castle.

This Chihuly glass suspended

artwork piece is fascinating in

it’s production and application.

Installation pieces are always

a big bonus and benefit to

any art gallery, including at

The Columbus Art Museum.

There have been several posts

displaying Dale Chihuly at

Columbus, Ohio

Franklin Conservatory.

If you have a favorite place

to seek and immerse yourself

in another world created by artists,

please give name and location

in the comments below.

Thanks so much!

I featured four of my grandchildren

on Thursday, while visiting the library.

Appropriately standing in front of

the interior stained glass doors.


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  1. What a sweet photo of your grandsons! The sculpture is cool, too. To me, the glass looks like balloons and streamers.
    There are so many wonderful places for art in my area–museums, installations, etc. We want to go back to Grounds for Sculpture when it’s a bit cooler. If you’re ever in the Princeton, NJ area with your grands, they would love it. You can climb on much of the art and interact with it, and the grounds are beautiful, too. I think I wrote about it and posted some photos.

    • I see your vision of balloons and streamers in the Chihuli glass sculpture!
      The interactive Grounds for Sculpture in Princeton, NJ. sounds like a great place to take my grandies.
      I would love to take them places, Merril. We mainly in my family go up to visit my Mom. I figure they’ll have the rest of their lives to go places. My ex-husband and his wife of 25 years took the two boys to Amish country in Charm, Ohio and around New Philadelphia and Dover. πŸ™‚ We all go to the pool, Zoo’s and parks, which have a lot to see.
      I think you (or someone who blogs) posted about the Grounds, too. I am not sure though. I would certainly let you know if I ever come close to where you live.

    • Oh, this Chihuli is really beautiful in so many ways, Jill! The grandkids like the art museum basement projects area. Micah just came over and said he liked taking geometric shapes to make designs there.

  2. Robin, stunning colourful glass art – I love glass ware of any size or style so glad you shared. Lovely to see your two grandsons, two very artistic and sporty young chaps. And so loving too!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Annika, so happy you enjoyed this so much. If you ever wish to see more of my photos, the three choices of glass art sculptures (under the likes) may interest you. πŸ™‚
      This evening, I took the youngest grandson in this photo, Micah and his two girl cousins to see “Pete’s Dragon.” Of the three children, he cried in one part and later in another part, whispered that “he was crying inside.”
      Those brothers are good, understanding kids. Thanks for this kind compliment. ❀

  3. The Chihuly piece looks to me like a conglomeration of undersea life. I can envision it swaying to the motion of surrounding water as though it has submersed me into its underwater domain.

    I live only a few blocks from Bob Jones University, a Christian school whose founders invested hugely in art. Supposedly, they have the second largest collection of artworks by the Renaissance masters in the world. I have yet to visit their museum, but I will do so soon. (They charge only $5 admission for seniors). Their biggest contribution to the community is the art history field trips they offer to local schools.

    The largest art collection by the masters is supposedly somewhere in Germany. I imagine The Vatican has at least as large a collection, but they don’t publicize it if they do. – Mike

    PS – Wow. Skyler is growing fast. Soon he will be as tall as you!

    • I was not expecting the undersea life, with the glass sculptures floating in the water! This is an outstanding vision! πŸ™‚
      Oh, Skyler is my height already. His shoes and pants are too big for me. Thanks for noticing! He towers over my Mom but is so patient and gentle with her holding his arm. These two boys have kind hearts.
      Thanks for telling me about a really great Renaissance art collection! To have such exquisite and 2nd largest in the world sounds amazing.
      I also like traveling exhibits and the Univ of Dayton had those rare, first edition books with illustrations I posted awhile ago. They had an “Alice in Wonderland” and copy of the Quran, for examples. The pen and ink hand drawn pictures and lettering were wonderful!

    • Those two brothers actually value each other, Judy. Thanks! πŸ™‚ One has a fantastic relationship with his Dad and the other doesn’t get to see his father. Their being separated every other weekend means they literally hang around together or on top of each other.

    • Oh, how wonderful, Diane! I am always happy to be a source of information. I bet he would love the Palm Springs Art Museum, since he has glass art which features warmth, color and seem to belong near the sunshine! They “sparkle” and send rays around the rooms they dominate. πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t wait for Hunter to get to that age… I told Chris not to buy any Legos because that’s going to be my thing with Hunter! Great picture and that is some beautiful glass

  5. I love Chihuly’s glass and went to the exhibit in Seattle not long ago. How great that you take the kids to museums. They look like they were having fun. That’s an awfully cute hug going on there! ❀

    • I have heard Dale Chihuly has a lot of his artistic creations in the Seattle area. I do like taking family members to the art museum, conservatory and zoo. I have 11 people on my zoo pass, laugh out loud!
      This time the picture was of the boys, having toured the museum with their Mom and my daughter, Aunt Felicia. I just cannot remember who took the photo so I didn’t give anyone credit. πŸ™‚
      We are blessed to have free admission on Sundays at the Columbus Art Museum. This is admirable so that people with limited income may still become viewers of the arts! I am sure my daughters donated something, in this plastic tube for contributions, when they entered.
      That hug was spontaneous, I assume. Those boys attend different schools now and spend weekends apart, so they honestly appreciate each other when they are able to be together. ❀ Thanks for the sweet comment, Diana!

    • Marissa, thanks for noticing their appreciation of the arts! Skyler is rather good at “thumping” a great blues or jazz rhythm, while Micah has a knack for artistic creations. I am very happy to know they aren’t just “video game kids.” Lol πŸ˜€

      • Oh yes, that is good. My son is, of course, a great guitarist but if given the choice, would just spend his life gaming. My daughter also practices a lot but would get lost in her Kindle if given half the chance. I have to mandate a schedule!

    • This was a thoughtful comment, Cindy! It is so fantastic they get along well. This photo was taken with their Mom and my other daughter, Aunt Felicia. Out Columbus Art Museum has free admission on Sundays which makes art accessible to everyone! πŸ™‚ We usually donate money into the clear plastic tube, though. xo

  6. Your pictures of Art sculpture are always great to see Robin, the artists are really amazing in their skills, their imagination must run wild when they create, and you great grandsons inclusion is a perfect addition, maybe glass sculptures of the future.

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