Hendrix turned one year’s old!



Mustache party was held at

the Delaware Fire Station

party room, with guests

from as far as Dayton, OH.

His cousins from there are

Olivia, Liam and Chloe.

His cousins from Galena

are Ivy, Jade and Logan.

His “local” cousins are Micah

and Skyler along with his siblings

Lara, Landen, Marley and Makyah.

They played games, wearing their

facial hair, sticky mustaches and

took selfies, as well as eating a

buffet of home cooked foods

from all the family of adults.

Two grandparents, one Nana,

and two great grandparents,

two uncles and three aunts.

Friends arrived with parents.

Whew! Lively Sunday 

on August 14th


It just


was a


No need to comment

on more than one

(or if any) posts.




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    • Ha ha! I only got two photos of myself and I am on the floor trying to snag that walking baby! No mustache on me and my dress wasn’t even displayed well. I had thought a “formal” Nana might make it into the albums! Ha!

  1. I love the facial expression. I wonder if he did the full face plant after the candle was removed once he realized that sweet treat was for him to do with as he pleased. 🙂

    • He was so tentative. He touched the cake and put a little frosting on his fingertip! Trista and I laughed since he cries easily at unfamiliar people, at how timid this “big baby” is. He wailed at his own great grandfather and Felicia’s smiling boyfriend. He hides his head behind his mother. Funny stage. 🙂

    • Thanks for such completely loving comment, Jill. I agree, I wish we could all squeeze those chubby cheeks and keep him a baby for a while longer. xo I am happy you shared it with me, too. 🙂

    • He only took a few bites. He was very tentative to even touch the cake, Anneli. My DIL had made many cupcakes but the kids went all out decorating and eating mustache shaped cookies. So, instead of eating chocolate/chocolate, chocolate/vanilla and reversed vanilla on chocolate cupcakes there were many to take home. I should have grabbed 6! 😉

  2. Hendrix is an adorable birthday boy, and the cake looks messily delicious. I don’t know how I’ve missed your blogs, Robin; I haven’t received any notifications in a very long time. But I’m glad to catch up and meet Hendrix!

    • Thanks for such a warm and thoughtful comment and wonderful wishes! ❤
      Marylin, it is a 2 way street. I have missed much of your life and posts, too. I once awhile back, noticed your comment on another's post. Not sure why, but didn't keep that in mind and look!
      I will need to see if when I visit, it still says I am following you. Hope all has been going well for you and will head over now. . . 🙂

    • My DIL while in her first marriage had sweet Lara and Landen. Then my son came along. Who knows who raised this hippie young man who rescued this single Mom? He has added to the crew with a daughter named Marley, daughter named Makyah and now, baby son, Hendrix!
      I call the little girls my M & M grandies.

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