Logan is proud to wear a mustache



Behind him on the wall,

a cousin and friend of my

grandsons, Logan, shows how

to carry responsibility of

wearing a mustache!

Logan has photos

behind his head of a

huge fire on a freezing

cold winter’s day long ago.

I like the reasonable price to

rent the Tri-County Fire Station’s

party room where Felda’s son,

Zachary, had his christening party

and another time her daughter,

Kridia Dawn’s birthday party.


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    • Yes! It was funny because Logan, Skyler and Micah saw a truck tire at the edge of the fields behind the fire station (where party was going on). They thought it a good idea to roll it back and forth, hence the dirty shirt, Beth. 🙂

    • Dan, thanks! 🙂 This is one of my DIL’s nephews, which makes him an honorary cousin of my own grandsons. They had an adventure behind the fire station and got a little dirty! It made me smile and think of my Dad saying, “Boys will be boys!.”

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