The Mustachioed Brothers



Most of the kids just went outside,

But Nana asked to get one more

mustachioed picture of her

handsome grandsons,

Skyler and Micah.

No need to comment

on this or any of baby,

Hendrix’s First Birthday

party with the unlikely,

but so funny,

theme of mustaches!

~`~ ~`~ ~`~ ~`~

p.s. My grandson was

itching his mustache

and a grandpa present

mentioned to put his

hand like he were

scratching his


It sure

makes him

appear like a



23 responses »

  1. That is SOME theme hahaha! What wonderful fun! I love seeing your grandbabies, Robin! By the way, my son’s fiancee threw him a surprise birthday party this weekend. Theme: CATS!

    • I like the idea of a cat party, Luanne. It would be fun coming up with games with the kitties and cats theme. Did you post about it!? 🙂
      Thanks for joining in on the fun. xo

      • Sure, but then if you read Marissa’s recent hilarious poem it makes fun of selfie cameras, birthday party, animal photos, children’s pictures and food pictures. 😀 Those just about cover my blog posts, except for nature and poetic thoughts or prose. Ha ha!

    • That’s a great reminder! I think we could have had the adults name the famous people with mustaches, the most winning a party favor, Drew. Mario Brothers is really a cute one!

    • Yes! I agree, Beth. Too bad when I read the Hardy Boys, they wish to hear instead books of Harry Potter or Goosebumps books. 🙂 Maybe later in life they will catch the “sleuthing” bug! 😉

  2. The mustaches were a dead give way Robin, could see they were your grandsons, they actually look like a younger version of The Blues Brothers, now you will have to google Blues Brothers to see what I am talking about.

    • Ian, thanks for adding this comment with the Blues Brothers. I do know that Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroid are the Blues Brothers! 🙂
      I grew up watching the Saturday Night Live show and all the fun movies like raunchy but funny “Animal House.”
      I really liked Dan A. in the movies, “Driving Miss Daisy” and “My Girl.” ❤

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