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Why boys (+girls) like demolition derby: Crashes!


I took the two grandsons to see

Delaware County, Ohio

Demolition Derby.

There will be a

short series

of photos.

This is a big crash scene.

Next are the firemen for smoking car.

Last are the “guys” who found a

friend and a Grandpa to discuss

the “situations” and found 

out rules and why cars

get “flagged!”

So exciting!

Nana and

boys did this 

activity last year.


Photograph of backs of

people and participants

in demolition derby

taken by post author.

 đź™‚   🙂

Thursday’s Doors~ M &M girls under glass


They were getting tired, 

ready to have snack or meal.

In same large room as pagoda

structure, down the path to

a boulder-bordered wall

where another Chihuly

glass extravaganza appears.

Marley and Makyah are my

son’s girls, as well as his

stepdaughter, Lara.

This is how rugged

edge of wall under

rocky tunnel looks like

 from the underbelly side.

While the M & M girls

traipsed, like two

 billy goats did,

not clip clopping,

more like dragging feet.

As if waiting for the troll

 to come out, surprise +

scare them away.

The umbrellas

combined into

a sea of beauty

from underneath it.

For a vast sea of doors,

seek out Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors post,

where links transport you:

Thursday’s Doors~ View 2 of Chihuly umbrellas 


Son James takes his photo 

up close, while I view 

pagoda or an awning 

of beautiful glass 

colorful or in

golden amber.

The entrance 

appears as a

door to pass


to get 

into the


creative world 

displayed by

Dale Chihuly.

To view a variety of doors,

you should venture over to

Norm Frampton’s blog at:

Thursday’s Doors: Chihuly glass umbrellas


You look at something one way;

then along comes a different

perspective. I saw blossoms,

while children saw umbrellas.

The walkway passes under

the cup-like shapes.

It could be a door,

leading to a new

location, under

a wooden bridge

or pagoda.

This is part of

Thursday’s Doors,

led by our fearless leader,

Norm Frampton, check 

out doors of all kinds at:

Like a needle in a haystack:  butterfly in a clover field, #1 


This is first of a trio of photographs,

One from standing up and

Second from crouching down,

While final was taken from

lying down on stomach,

nearly eye to eye.

“Butterflies Are Free,”

first a play on a stage,

then made into a film.

See crouching shot next!