Thursday’s Doors ~ Downtown reflections



Typhoon Restaurant door is

located to the right at

10 South Sandusky Street.

Above the restaurant is a downtown

“Loft” or large one-floor plan apartment,

their address is 10 1/2. This was

taken on a bright, sunny Saturday

Farmer’s Market morning.

~ ~ ~

Please check out other doors

on the Thursday’s Doors founder,

Norm Frampton’s blog:

~ ~ ~

Antique store across the street,

as well as restaurants are reflected

upon the front window and door.

It will continue for only a few

more short weeks until

Autumn’s cooler weather prevails.

Do share about your local markets

or favorite places to get fresh produce,

homemade baked goods, sunflowers

and soon~ gourds, pumpkins. . .


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    • I like several of their dishes but haven’t tried very many tastes of their sushi. My oldest daughter had me taste a mainly rice and veggies one and so not sure that counts, J.B. πŸ™‚

  1. i like the 1/2 address and the reflections are great. i love our farmer’s market and local farm stand shops that sell things in small batches, homemade and homegrown.

    • Yes, I sure do think people should look for their local farmer’s markets, Beth! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for also liking the 1/2 address and reflection on the window. Hope you have a great picnicir gathering over Labor Day. . .

  2. I like shot with the reflection in the window. Did you eat there?
    Our little town–well, not much of town, no real center–has a little farmer’s market on Saturdays in the summer. This year they made it look like a back porch, and there are a couple craft stands, too. It’s very cute.

    • I took a few photos of the farmer’s market but I could identity the people and wasn’t sure about whether or not needed permission, so left them out.
      I ordered my favorite Asian food, General Tso’s which is hot and spicy, with sweet after taste. I ate a Californian, sushi roll but it had guacamole, veggies and white rice. Not too adventurous, Merril. . . yet!
      Hope you have a relaxing weekend! πŸ™‚

    • I am glad you mentioned spicy since I had not written “hot and spicy,” in above reply! It said not spicy. You helped me correct my own response, Merril. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  3. Very pretty! I rarely go to the Farmer’s Market because it’s usually hard to park and expensive but when my kids were young I used to get WIC coupons twice a year for free fruits and vegetables there. That was nice.

    • We need a bigger community parking lot, maybe you can see how tight the spaces are. . . Sometime I may need to post a farmer’s market photo. The cool thing is, they have Wednesday market on the west side out of the sun and heat. Then, on Saturday, they have it on West side to get early morning sunshine. Both sides have stores which then get more “traffic” inside. πŸ™‚

  4. Such a neat and inviting spot outside with those tables. I also like the reflection in the photo. It looks and sounds like an ideal little town, perhaps a perfect location to shoot a movie. My favorite close escape artsy downtown would be Denton, Texas.

    • Oh, Lana! I would like to go and see Texas! We once had a layover there in the 70’s, on way to Phoenix. That Dallas airport was huge! I like artsy places, so Denton would be a great place to visit. . . πŸ™‚

      • My friends, Jenny and Dave go to a few areas in Texas. They brought me a bottle of wine. I think I can spell it, I am away in Cleveland so cannot check label, Greuene, a small “famous” town (?) they said. I may someday head West and South. . .
        Meanwhile, have a great time in Denton with your books and exploring, Lana. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Robin, I believe Gruene (not sure of spelling either) is in the Hill Country area of Austin…I would love to live around Austin, but it’s rather pricey. Have fun on your trip also πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I’m attending a book fair in Denton in April to peddle my children’s book that is out. They should be having good weather and I’m looking forward to hanging out by the downtown square.

  5. Thank you, Norm! I am glad you liked the window’s reflections. I think sometimes it is a split house, (I had a 1/2 address living upstairs in a double occupancy older home, but this one may be two parts upstairs and downstairs?)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Norm. Hope your vacation is relaxing!

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