Detailing above Typhoon Restaurant



My favorite places to look around

the doors, windows and the eaves.

I love historical buildings which

are renovated and continued

to be treasured and useful

in their lovely existence.

Happy treasure hunting

in your own hometowns.


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    • I haven’t tried tracing this (R.G. and Co.) but do know a few rather senior members of our historical society here in town. If I find out, I will let you know, Merril. πŸ™‚

    • I am so glad you mentioned Geoffrey, since perhaps my busy mind had forgotten some of his specialty areas! Restoration and preservation of older buildings is such a meaningful profession, Beth. ❀

  1. I love how much time and effort used to be used to make things special and stand out – there is some amazing craftsmanship in places that no one would ever have been expected to look or pay much attention to. Craft for the sake of craft, as opposed to recognition.

    • Sarah, this is such a great part of the details found on older buildings: “Craft for the sake of craft, as opposed to recognition.” I will try to start noticing more, remembering the time and effort such craftsmanship took to add to the beauty of buildings. You really added more to my brief post. Thank you! πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome! I work across from a house that I would guess was built in the 1910s. It’s nothing special for a house from that era (or any era – it is quite plain), but it has a few little accents around the eaves and windows that no one would ever put on a house today. I always like these little details, as even on this little, plain house, someone loved it and cared enough to put these little details into it.

  2. Now I understand why you chose the Typhoon for your Thursday’s Doors post. It wasn’t solely for the door. The building is the most eye-catching. I love the corbels supporting the eaves. They are like latter day descendants of gargoyles. – Mike

    • Maniparna, such a sweet and thoughtful comment. You not only liked the post, you mentioned how in your city, there is a “juxtaposition” of old with modern architecture! I cannot help but Love the way you expressed this! ❀

    • Oh, you know what I am trying to say then! I purposely emphasize my “chosen” small town and try to help others know and recognize how we need to patronize the areas in our city or towns which have bothered to invest in fixing and preserving the past! Thanks, dear Bun. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Robin. I have been out of touch fighting a bad head cold and my computer crashing both threw me for a loop πŸ™‚
        I am trying to catch up on a borrowed computer as I hopefully get mine fixed. Made me realize how much I depend on it.

      • So sorry about a bad head cold. These are not to be taken lightly! They can last awhile. Hope you are feeling much better, Sandhya. ❀
        Oh, you need not worry, I have been behind all summer due to busy work schedule, dear.

      • Thanks so much Robin. You are so right….this cold seems to be lingering forever…but I am feeling better and better each day.

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