Morning allegiance



Outside work entrance,

Having made it past the

Guard shack, looking at

the flag, still and quiet.

Always like when it blows,

proudly unfurling and waving

to the workers as they head into

the auto parts warehouse.

Today is Labor Day,

we “earned” our day off by

working 48 hours last week!

We aren’t a “union” warehouse,

nor are we likely to try and

throw a strike. Just regular

people trying to make a “living.”

Many are my friends after our

eight years of hot summers

and relieved when cooler weather

comes, since shorter days.

Tell us your hardest job ever,

in honor of those who “labor”

or “labour” valiantly through their

shifts ~ Which was worse?

A night job, day job or second

(in-between) shift? There are

nurses, doctors, electricians

and street department workers

who struggle through extra or

longer shifts called “doubles.”

Did I leave anyone out?

Hope you may be part of the

relaxed group who have

Labor Day ~ OFF!

September 5, 2016.

If you live in a country which doesn’t

celebrate a day off by honoring

workers, sending you smiles

and encouragement. xo


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    • My Mom would be so happy to hear this about your husband! She was a teacher’s rep and president at one point in time of the teachers’ association, as she called it! šŸ™‚
      I went through a few labors, three living “babies.” Good point to bring up, when it calls for labor details! Thank you, Merril. ā¤

    • Oh, there is a link to a post titled “Air Supply,” given under the Like section.
      You may like my ramblings on air and how it is found in different time periods and situations. I bring at least one historical reference. . .

  1. At least you stopped to snap a picture. That means you still know what’s important. I mentioned my worst job in my post, but it wasn’t as bad as the ones that spawned this holiday. I’m thankful today for the police, fire and medical professionals who will be there if we need them. And I hope nobody does need them.

    Cheers Robin!

    • Cheers to you, Dan~ belatedly!
      I am happy you mentioned fire, police and medical professionals! I tried to include a few in my own thoughts of those who are “there for us” all around the clock!
      When the electricity goes out, I pray for those who go out and try to remove ice from the electric and telephone lines. Of course, thus season has its own share of heat and road dilemmas. . . Good “looking out” for those people, Dan.

  2. great post, robin and happy you have the day off. i worked in the food service industry for years, and holidays don’t offer much opportunity for days off. happy i’m in a field now that takes days off )

    • Yes, it is good to have days off, Beth! I am glad, most of the time, I don’t have to work on weekends!
      Those restaurant, food industry jobs really felt “worse” since you never had weekends off! Fun times with servers on the “off hours” somewhat helped. . . šŸ™‚

  3. My worst job was right out of high school, I was driving a laundry truck for a group of hospitals. I had to haul out the nastiest bags of dirty laundry and drive them back to the cleaners. People didn’t know anything about pathogens from bodily fluids, so who knows what I came in contact with. I didn’t stay long on that job. – Mike

    • Oh, that does sound as my teenager self thinks, “Gross!” This was rather a dangerous job, as well as a dirty job, Mike. I agree, one of the worst I heard so far, here. . . Thanks for sharing this. Helps us appreciate our own present lives! šŸ™‚

    • It was a lovely weekend, Colleen! Thank you for your wish. Your younger self and present self post had me thinking a lot last night.
      I also enjoyed reading about your bicycling trip to Pennsylvania! Wow, I cannot wait to: “Read all about it!” šŸ™‚

      • I’m working on another project right now Robin so my posts here are pretty brief. But we did have a fabulous time. Pittsburgh is one busy place! I hope to go back šŸ™‚

        I’m glad you enjoyed that post. It is a kick off to what I’m working on. It really resonated with me as well. šŸ™‚

  4. Enjoy your labor day, Robin. A lovely tribute to those who labor at tough jobs. Most of my working career was non-union with long, long hours for a salary, no overtime. My husband is a union man and, wow, do I respect unions. They’re not perfect (as they’re made up of humans) but he’s worked hard for a liveable wage and we’ll retire without much worry. I wish workers everywhere had the same opportunity.

    • Diana, thanks for such a lovely tribute to unions and hard workers. I admire your sharing how hard you worked on a salary, without the benefit of a union.
      I worry, from time to time,about my own children who don’t have the best pay not possibly retirement. . . As well as parts of the world where work is a constant job, with little breaks or improvements. Good mentioning this aspect, got me thinking even deeper. You have that great quality of adding to my thoughts. Thanks for contributing! ā¤

  5. Timely post for today. I always prefer to work the daytimes so I can be at home with my kids at night. My husband works nights so there is always someone home for them although sometimes it’s hard to be always alone with them. Probably the hardest job I ever had was working as a retail merchandiser for a flower company at Costco. It was extremely physically taxing and people can be very picky about their flowers!

    • Thanks, Marissa for sharing a “slice of your current life” and also your most challenging job! It is hard to imagine some positions unless someone describes them as you did about the flowers at Costco. Hope you all had time together over the weekend, dear! xo

  6. I hope you’ve been enjoying your day, Robin! I would have been enjoying this weekend with Downton Abbey on PBS, but it was a little ruined by an electrical fire in our hot water heater! House and especially kitties are ok, but still.

    • Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear this, Luanne! Life is full of unexpected disasters and this sure wasn’t a good thing to happen! Glad you were home, though and all the “family” are okay. Hugs! XO

      • Silly cell phone has lately caused me to end up in spam. My WordPress is not in “synch” it says. šŸ™‚
        Anyway, will try to go back to comment but I was mentioning on your art/historical museum post that I liked the glass shards and cubes, while the strips of colors with textures were definitely “liminal.” So sorry late to say too bad about the electric wiring fire and so happy you were home and cats were safely put into their new campgrounds. ha ha!
        I liked the Downton Abbey show, as it does have satisfaction and character development.
        I recommend “Call the Midwife” series which has nurses and nuns filling in gaps in medicine during the “black out” days in Europe.
        I also liked, “Last Tango in Halifax.” Sounds funny but issues of same sex marriage and elderly couple marrying while combining families has much drama with witty dialogue. (Countryside is beautiful in Nova Scotia.)

      • Thank you for the recommendations, Robin! I wonder if those shows are available to me. Are they over or still going on TV? I was lucky that Downtown Abbey was a PBS marathon and that I have a DVR so that I could record them all in one long weekend. Call the Midwife sounds really fascinating. What network is it on?
        Thank you for your kind words, and I am happy you liked the art :)! How do you sync your WordPress, I wonder?

  7. Happy Labor Day, Robin! Hope you were enjoying a day off today. First I wanted to be smart and write that we are having numerous Bank holidays during a year, and four paid weeks of vacations. After a second thought I remembered all these signs ‘we are hiring’ on every corner in every shopping area in the US, and desperate unemployment levels in Ireland because there are very little jobs and people are forced into working 20 hours a week for extra 20 Euros plus their Social Welfare allowance ( half of minimum wage). Wishing all the best to workers – they deserve all the honors.

  8. I hope you had a great day off. My worst job…..hmm, I think I lasted two days. I was working in a fast food restaurant and the second day they handed me a toilet bowl cleaner and told me to clean the bathrooms. I didn’t return for my third day.

    • Oh, I agree! If working in a restaurant meant cleaning the restrooms, I would have quit, too. I had about 20 different food service jobs over the years. The last time was during the years of 2003 – 2008.
      I had fun up at my Mom’s, with Micah, my brother Randy and youngest daughter, Felicia.
      Okay, I have a new problem: (“Dear April”) I accidentally wrote in a text response to my guy friend who complained about his job, (this occurs daily) that I wished he would find someone else to lean on about work problems. I knew as I sent it that this would not be supportive but somehow thought he would “get” this. I mean every time (40 +) before I would say nice things. . . Is there any way to save myself? ~ “Bad” girlfriend.

      • I think if he’s in touch with himself and recognizes his depression he should know that complaining too much places a burden on you. I don’t know, each person suffers and recovers on an individual basis. His work happiness is up to him to change, not yours. It’s not good if he brings you down when there is nothing you can do to “fix” things. I don’t know, just let him know you are supportive of his decisions but listening to him complain exhausts you?

      • April, something released the challenge to “Let it Go” within my guy friend’s response and friendly texts the past 2 days. Thanks for your help and will try to not over react and stay in touch but not judge his texts.
        He joked about football and said, “You know how you don’t like my rants about work? You should hear my complaints about my favorite football players when they start to play sloppy. . . ” He added a Lol after this. There’s the nicely genuine and warm friend “back again.”
        No date but I was fine. šŸ™‚

    • Dear good friend, April! šŸ™‚ You understood this dilemma. I am one who understands, likes to think of clever day brighteners but my “well” of kind wishes sometimes is “drained.”
      I will try that supportive line more often. . .
      I did hear a kind word from the billing clerk at my dentist office yesterday. She said to take it as a compliment and try to respond more as a one short line, “too bad” or “hope it gets better.” She said men don’t share and this means he trusts me. Turns out he did say I hurt his feelings. So, we shall see. So glad you understand my predicament. xo

  9. Always love seeing the flag, Robyn! You changed your profile pic, didn’t you?
    Being a mother was the hardest no pay job, but most rewarding!
    Hardest for pay job, hands down teaching! It was pure torture every day. I kid you not!
    Having my 3rd nervous breakdown was horrible. But the freedom to be done with teaching forever?? priceless!

    • Hi there! Yes, my profile photo was taken by my 12 year old grandson. Thanks for noticing!
      I agree, motherhood is a really tough job. It is worth it, though.
      Teaching middle school was fun in the young years, then I stayed home to babysit and raise my three kids.
      I quit when youngest went to kindergarten, to try activities director at a nursing home. From there, I went with a nurse (from the home) to a special education school, where I worked with children with disabilities. She got the nursing position with young adults with disabilities. I loved those final nine years.
      Sorry that it was a tough job and even more, that it caused a nervous breakdown. At least you now may leave it all behind you!

      • You’re welcome. He’s a good photographer!
        I’m glad you loved the final 9!
        YES!! So grateful I never have to be in front of students again! I couldn’t even drive by the school for over 3 years!

  10. Having only heard about Labour Day before it was great go be in America for this holiday! Everyone out and about but heard the roads suffered the same traffic jams that happen here on Bank Holiday Mondays! Robin, hope you had a lovely day of rest and relaxation! šŸ˜€

      • Can’t wait! Monday I host “Peace Love and Kindness Day” at school to honor heroes, shake hands with firefighters and police officers, hold the American flag, and sing patriotic songs. I will post sometime next week. I so look forward to your 9/11 post.

      • This was very different for me, I hope not too corny since I was being sincerely moved, Jennie.
        I am so excited for you to have a wonderful time on Monday with the children. These are all such meaningful activities which will have those kids “feel like they were sent to the moon and back!” šŸ™‚

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