“A Long Bench of Memories”



“The quaint stone houses

on each end of the bench

help anchor this convenient

place to gather or sit alone.

The ornamental houses serve

both in practicality and

bringing beauty,

making them

stand out.

Today is

a day of somber

remembrance of the

attack on the twin towers,

bombings which resonated

and shook the whole world.

Come sit down, push in closer,

we may pack ourselves tightly.

Feel  the  pulse  of  humanity  flow

across our bodies, through our blood.

Warmth and camaraderie will result if

we gather here now.  Upon one long

bench, no beginning nor ending,

no superior or inferior position,

just side by side by side. . .

A fitting house at each end,

to take shelter in, quench our

thirst and rest a bit, if needed.

This is in remembrance of Those

who inexplicably were killed and

Those who fearlessly gave up

their time, energy and Some

who also gave up their lives

to save others by loving

their neighbors.”


Robin Oldrieve Cochran

Archbishop Timothy Dolan 

shares his insight:

“We must never allow September 11th

to become a time of protest and

division. Instead, this day must

remain a time for promoting

Peace and mutual respect.”


Go in peace. . .

and share a bench.


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    • Thanks, Beth. It took me a long time to write this but I felt the bench could be magically extending and filling with us all.
      I know you would “scrunch over” to fit someone beside you. ā¤

    • Oh, thank you so very much, Merril. Hugs!
      I thought and really pondered how to express the feelings of being one world together, full of Peace. I love circles best but this long bench drew my attention and my words seemed to just come out. I appreciate your liking this (loving it). xo ā¤

    • Oh, this is so hard to do, Merril. It can be over wrought with emotions and “sappy,” I agree. It is still probably needing improvement but I felt it expressed close to what I wanted to say. . . .

    • Dan, I agree. If only every day we could be side by side, carrying the hurts together and sharing our joys, too.
      I like the words, “peace and respect” along with your adding all days should include these principles or values. ā¤

    • Aww, Ian. Thank you kindly! I am indeed moved by the Archbishop’s words.
      Thank you for liking what I wrote, too. That long bench is one minute away from where I live. I sit on it often to put my feet up by leaning on the stone house at one end and read or ponder. ā¤

      • A beautiful bench like that deserves to be a solace for quiet reflection, I love it, you are lucky it is so close by, looks like a beautiful site I could sit and write contentedly there.

    • The coolness of the stone and old, towering trees make it a special place to sit, like having my own back yard! I live in apartment building where there are three bridges across a creek, so walk out my building door, across the creek, up a hill and I am there after work or on weekends. Since college students don’t take summer school here. šŸ™‚ Occasional student tours or professors walking by, getting there preparation completed. . .

  1. I have long been at a loss for words following 9/11. As a country we have become politically polarized, and it seems 9/11 marks the time at which things have gotten worse. These memorials provide a refuge from the storms of controversy that otherwise divide us. Thank you for reminding us of the peace we all long for. – Mike

    • Mike, I know how open and accepting you and Florence are to others. It hurts us inside to have such division.
      Thank you for saying that I reminded you and other readers of the Peace we all long for.

      Thanks for your lovely sentiment about the memorials and tributes people post on 9/11. Our All Horse Parade is today where they will pause for a moment while in quiet memory.

      Skyler has a football game in Marion. Micah wants to head to the beach instead (with me). So, Sky’s dad will probably take him to football. As daughter Carrie works every Sunday, she will have to take a different route home due to parade. Busy day, not slowing down at work yet either. Life keeps pushing us along! ā¤

    • I am so sad that you knew some of the people who were taken that day, Marissa. I appreciate your finding this to be beautiful with photo and words.
      It is hard to find a unique way of expressing how I feel. Circles of arms or hands reaching from one to another are used often for UNICEF and other peaceful organizations.
      I sit on this long bench leaning my back on one of the houses and read, as well as think here. It is peaceful in the summer time and like having “my own back yard,” when students are off for the summer.<3

    • I had hoped to pass on some of these emotions, this took me quite awhile of rewriting, April. I would gladly enjoy having you join me on this stone bench which surprisingly seems to soak all the “troubles” out of your bones. Even in the summer, it is cool to the touch. Have a peaceful week ahead. . . ā¤

    • I am pleased you said this, Sarah. I had hoped this would come across differently than a patriotic poem. It is hard to explain but this bench made me feel it was to be shared and glad it made sense! šŸ™‚

  2. A really lovely post and photo, Robin. A great way to remember those who perished on 9/11. We all do need to “pack ourselves tightly…..with warmth and camaraderie.” You have such a wonderful way with words. ā¤

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