Thursday’s Doors ~ Close-up of German Village door



Second view of the door

found along a walk with my

youngest daughter who lives

in German Village, a section

or neighborhood found on

the southeast part of Columbus.

If you would like to join us check

out Norm Frampton’s blog and see

his door example(s) as well as links

which connect the doors community.

We all appreciate your visiting!

Come back another day to see

more varieties of posts. Thanks!


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    • Joanne, yes to self-respecting doors built under and into arches!
      You are the Queen of Arches, dubbed by me. πŸ˜€ No, I don’t have the credentials nor crown to give you. . . Just the ancient steps onto the arched bridge and the arches with peaks, which allowed viewers to peek under and see doors were lovely on your post.
      The brick arches with those edged white stones were pretty unique, so happy you came to see them.

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