Fingerprint clouds


Many people think of clouds,

look at them and are in awe of their

vast displays of colors, varieties

and ever changing “moods.”

I almost called this, “Fractured.”

Mainly, since there are so many

uniquely different ways to “see” clouds.

Do you see smudged fingerprint clouds?

There are friends who saw feathers.

What mood do these clouds evoke?

How can you interpret the ways

nature changes us?

I feel we also change nature,

mostly negatively. Our

impact on Nature is

an unmistakable

Human imprint.

Pauline wrote and illustrated a recent

post where she demonstrated the

Earth, a place we need to be

more responsible with

than we truly are:

Please look for

her artistic


of an Eye

on Earth:


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  1. I was captured by your comments about the clouds Robin – fingerprint smudges made me smile. Skies like the one in your photo make me feel like going home and getting ready for bed…. it’s that gentle night time feeling. Thank you for the shout out about my art journal page, I’m glad so many people liked that verse and some even liked the big-eyed earth girl πŸ™‚ I’ll put the link here as the one you have is not for my blog:

  2. Beautiful shot, Robin. I also love looking at clouds.
    I think the clouds in this shot look like fish swimming in some kind of unique sea–otherworldly. Or possibly some kind of bird-like creatures flying in the sky.

    • Merril, what a lovely imagination you have! The details are really cool in your mind’s eye. I think Pauline’s artwork and blog is wonderful and accidentally had the wrong link.
      Have a special weekend! Later today, I am heading to Lexington, OH to visit an apple orchard with a friend and co-worker.:)

    • I had fun, brought home apple donuts, apleciderand McIntosh apples. We also visited a bird sanctuary. A blue Jay say on my friend’s shoulder and tapped on her shiny watch. She doesn’t want her picture on the blog but will share some birds, alone. πŸ™‚ Hope yours was fun, too. xo

      • Yes! I would post an arm with the blue Jay or the shoulder he perched on of my friend’s but probably will wait till I can get some grandies to go up there, since Linda wasn’t crazy about being on a blog. (Lol)

  3. Fingerprint smudges cover it …. For me they are singed cotton wool, fraying and fragmenting as they burn in the last hot Ray’s of the sun. A beautiful and evocative picture β˜οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜οΈ

  4. Being an outdoorsman, I learned to look at clouds with a diagnostic eye. Is the weather changing? Is a storm brewing? While I used to think of clouds as nature’s ‘sky art’, I sort of lost track of that. I appreciate that you have kept that artistic eye, and that you remind me and your readers of the wonders of nature that surround us every day. Thank you! – Mike

    • Mike, I think your diagnostic eye is an important element if being an outdoorsman, as well as a leader of scouts and hikers. Being aware of your surroundings is equally valuable. ❀
      Thank you sincerely for this warm compliment to me, as well as my blog. It has certainly changed its focus! πŸ™‚

  5. This is so beautiful, Robin. It seems to say that regardless of man’s footprint on nature, mother nature has the everlasting beauty and power. Always be respectful and appreciative.

  6. Beautiful cloud photo, Robin, capturing a variety in one shot. They are mesmerising and can lift or dampen ones mood so much; the solid grey sky like a lead weight overhead, whilst these in your photo almost ethereal, light and spiritual glow. The best are by the coast I always feel!

    • Clouds on or over water are super beautiful! We have seen more lake clouds than ocean ones. They are mesmerizing as you mentioned, lifting or dampening your mood. I liked the descriptions of “my” clouds as “ethereal, light and spiritual glow.” πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Carol. ❀ My 11 year old grandson took it of me outside my apt building. I took his first and he wished to return the favor. Then we walked to see a movie together. xoxo

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