Thursday’s Doors: Kraft House #5


Met at Highbanks,

walked for over an hour,

avoided busier paths, made 

huge circle of more than our

usual three mile walk, to the 

High Banks overlook and back.

We deserved a delicious meal,

headed over to Powell, Ohio.

Looking out the front window,

Through the wooden frames 

Front door of restaurant named,

Kraft House #5.

This is a glass door framed in

sturdy wood stained a pretty tone,

adding this to the wide collection 

of Thursday’s Doors, found at

Norm Frampton’s blog:

Please check out the organizer, Norm’s

blog to find out doors and links.

You won’t be able to look at doors,

in quite the same way!


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  1. Robin, I didn’t notice the door so much but the delicious meal and drink. Is that a cocktail? They serve some cocktails in those jar-style glasses over here? Then saw the nifty angle of the door – lovely photo. Is there a Krafthouse#1, 2, 3 & 4?

    • So far, I think this is a one and only Kraft House, which they may have chosen the #5 for maybe a private reason or “inside story?” The meal photo was prettier than the straight outdoor’s shot of the door, Annika.
      I enjoyed the salmon salad while Felicia had a protein covered vegetarian salad. πŸ™‚
      The drink is a strawberry tea with lemon submerged in it. We had just been on a long hike and neither of us wanted to drink an alcoholic beverage.

      • Strawberry tea! That’s a new one, I’ll have to look out for that. It looks so pretty and the food sounds delicious. If you go back you’ll have to ask for the inside story about #5. Wishing you a great weekend, Robin.πŸ˜€

      • It is becoming popular to brew tea with some kind of fruit infusion. I have had strawberry, blackberry and separately, mango tea. Sometimes you must ask if concerned about sugar, they put sugar or syrup in some of flavored teas.

    • It is a really interesting “mesh” of dressy feature like cloth napkins and flowers, new menus printed daily as well as the down to earth qualities of rough looking wooden table edged in metal and cozy wooden framed booths, with those homespun mason jars holding strawberry tea with lemon slice.
      The description of “light and airy” is a beautiful way of capturing the essence of the experience, Merril. πŸ™‚

  2. That looks like a very nice place. Despite their often plain appearance, I really like glass doors. It’s a challenging bit of woodworking to get a door to accept and stay square while holding a very heavy pane of glass (that adds no support to the door).

    • Dan, I am grateful for your sharing your expertise on woodworking and wooden frames for glass doors. I had never considered how the weight of the glass would be difficult to “stay square.”
      The “etched look” letters of Kraft House No. 5 really sharpen the look with gold filigree. I think the crafted beers are of a good variety.:)

    • Sylvia, I think that is why I chose the inside photo looking outward, instead of the reverse direction picture.:) The food was so much more interesting and included colorful details.
      Felicia chose a protein laden vegetarian salad while I enjoyed “devouring” the salmon salad with a dill weed with capers dressing. Such a great descriptive verb!

  3. Robin,
    I am trying to find the words to express how much I loved this photo- you have captured the mood inside and outside the restaurant with this amazing picture!

    • Aww, such a beautiful and spiritual response. Your words are very thoughtful and caring! I took a few inside and outside photos but this one almost looked like a magazine (to me) which really excited my daughter. She posted it on her FB and whatever other media she uses. πŸ™‚

    • The atmosphere is quite cheerful and pleasant! I didn’t check for the different things, like gluten free, but they seem to be conscientious. Hope it could be one your husband and you could join a friend and me, Luanne. . .<3

      • Robin, that is so sweet of you! Yes, you know that he couldn’t eat with us unless they could make him something truly gluten free! Enjoy your weekend xo.

      • I do like our possibilities, along with glad you enjoyed the thought of this, Luanne. I am much more aware of food choices since your long trip full of few places to eat. This inhibited your enjoyment, as well as many upsets along the way.
        I would try my hardest to be a breath of freah air and relief in your travels. xo

      • It should happen, the way our home states aren’t too far away and so many interconnected interests. . . If only you would write a children’s poetry book, I would donate my drawings which you could “direct.” πŸ™‚

      • I already have written a few children’s books (they are okay but not really totally unique nor marketable). I am always hoping to connect with someone who is already talented and proven; established. Like you, amazing Luanne. πŸ™‚

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