Stepping out of a magazine and into the scene


There was something jaunty,

as I gazed up at the parking lot.

When a rather fast car came to

a stop, glancing upwards,

I caught a glimpse of a 

white-colored convertible, 

two attractive people taking 

their shoes off on either

side of the sports car.

Doesn’t this look 

as if it is “staged?”

I mean look at this couple!

 White shirts,

blue jeans rolled up,

seagulls bobbing on

jeweled tone water,

cleared beach,

close by boat.

Director Robin


“Places everyone!”

Silence follows,

boat motor hums,

water gently lapping,

such a peaceful setting is 

“fixed permanently on film.” 

~Delaware State Park Beach~



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    • This would certainly surprise me, as well as a lot of other people, Jill. . . I once was senior student director of our high school play. Hmm, wonder how much background checking the big studios do? 😉

    • Sylvia, sometimes we just get a wacky idea and go with it. This may fall down like a lead balloon, but in my head it was a light-hearted thought which I am glad you sensed the fun! 🙂

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