Butterfly #3,  patterns





Butterfly wings,

Detective methodology.

This butterfly knows how sweet 

clover nectar tastes. There’s 

little concern for “patterns”

 and other nonsense.


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    • You are so right, Mike! I liked that this one was so engrossed in the clover and both Kyah and I could hover close to it, getting a couple angles.
      As far as patterns, I was thinking of how someone mows the lawn usually creates a pattern. We are lucky not to have to mow anymore (or so I think you and Florence don’t either.)

  1. The photo looks so calm and serene; I wonder if the butterfly is actually taking a moment to pause in its gathering, which really is a matter of life and death for it (him? her?). I just realized I don’t know, so I had to look it up because this will bother me all day. There are different markings (depending on type), and males are often more brightly colored, but behavior is different, too. Females are often looking for places to lay eggs or actually laying eggs, while males are often drinking nectar or chasing females. 🙂 Some butterflies only live a week.
    But still I wonder if they think about any of this while they’re flitting around. 🙂

    • Merril, you were right there in the moment contemplating this butterfly’s existence and thoughts. This really was such great company for my thoughts, too. ❤
      I do wonder, as you do, about the creatures who are not given credit for a brain. I do think their instincts are strong, though. Monarchs migrate on a schedule from Mexico all the way to Canada! So amazing. . . 🙂

    • Your comment made me almost spit my second break at work coffee out, Ian. You are too funny!
      I really thought about zooming closer but the clarity in the spots which made it look like a black lace shawl on the wings may have become blurry. My focus on my cell phone has a certain distance where it stops being crisp edges, Ian. Or at least the way I use mine. Probably need a course or something! Ha ha! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kirt! 🙂 I was very pleased this butterfly was steady and let my 5 year old granddaughter and I walk around it, get down on our haunches and study it. I had not seen a butterfly with green eyes. They reminded me of a katydid’s eyes.

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