Thursday’s Doors~ View 2 of Chihuly umbrellas 


Son James takes his photo 

up close, while I view 

pagoda or an awning 

of beautiful glass 

colorful or in

golden amber.

The entrance 

appears as a

door to pass


to get 

into the


creative world 

displayed by

Dale Chihuly.

To view a variety of doors,

you should venture over to

Norm Frampton’s blog at:


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    • Ooh, Jill! Falling leaves could look crinkled and curved like these glass sculptures. This is the first person who mentioned this.
      We are definitely seeing signs of leaves changing here. Along with the coolness of the evenings lately feeling like Fall.

    • Marissa, thanks for the fun answer to the taking picture of my (just turned 35 years old) son! I liked this idea of adding it to the doors posts. I need to get out and take a few doors to submit weekly! Work has continued to be heavy and now walking into work in dark and leaving, too.
      I liked your Ozzfest post and need to see if I wrote a response! 🙂

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