Firemen attend to smoking car fire!


On the edge of their seats,

Children run or stand up to see,

Will there be an explosion?

Demolition derby moments

are free, with admission to

Delaware County Fair, 

on a nice evening with

cool trees, sunshine

lighting up the 




Photo by


Awesome text

provided by

7th grade grandson.


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    • I think it means a lot to Skyler that when we are together, I have allowed in the past for him to write some of the post or photo shop/edit the blog pictures, Jill. Happy Saturday to you and Derek! 🙂

    • Thank you so much and this version was written a couple times the next morning after the rally. Skyler has helped me before, to write when his brother and he were featured. His favorite part is actually to “photo shop” or edit my pictures. He’s added funny things like a hand of cards and a cowboy mustache when I told him he looked like Kenny Rogers from the Gambler movie and song video. Of course, then Micah, Sky and I had to research and listen to the song a few times. . . Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! 🙂

    • Skyler has been full of imagination and really likes reading challenging books. The announcer mentioned the audience being held captive in breathless anticipation of the fire being put out or something, he remembered the “breathless” part. I think this came out fairly well, too. Thanks, Diana! 🙂

    • It could have been more dramatic, indeed! I am happy you thought he did well, Andy. He likes to imitate radio announcers as well as this rally commentator. The word “breathless” was something the announcer stated, so I was glad he tried to work this into his summary. He is a really good grandson, tries helping me with editing photographs sometimes on my cell phone. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • Dan, just to say your comment is a “hit” with Pauline (the contented crafter, right below your comment!) and me! We are chuckling from Ohio and New Zealand! 😀
      The hashtag part really amused me, the fire flames part made her laugh our loud! Thanks so much, Dan. Everyone did hold their breath when this happened. . .

    • Skyler was the first of my grandchildren, so he and I have put our heads together starting at age one, then I taught him some sign language at age 18 months. Then, accidentally the bad word, “sh- -” which for the rest of that day I was watching him, I kept trying to insert the word “shoot” hoping his baby mind would give up the word I used when I was pulling hot cookies out of the oven!
      Pauline, I am not sure if you remember but he used to be featured once a month in editing and changing a photo for my blog? Anyway, thanks for the kind words of encouragement for his writing! 🙂

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