Emergency squad on “stand by” at Demolition derby


We ran into Geddy,

(Co-worker with 4 year old

daughter Riley).

Then greeted my coworker,

Jordanna with her

four kids around fair rides.

After that, we picked up food

from favorite concession stands.

We found a nice family to share

space and meal on picnic table

with Hayden, his brothers

and parents. The father was

Skyler’s Boy Scout leader.

They were heading over to the

Demolition derby. Foolishly,

we shouted out as we finished 

our Greek gyros and Lake Erie

Walleye fish sandwich:

“We’ll see you there!” 

Riding a tractor-pulled wagon,

we met one of Sky’s classmates,

Logan and his grandfather.

We managed to push thru

crowds to grab five seats

together and were excited

to see all kinds of 

Emergency Medical Technicians,

the Delaware County squad team.


The boys were craning their

necks, “Hi-fiving” and very

exuberant in their arrival

and we stayed watching

three derbies to see

a fire, smoking cars,

pile up with wrecking

crew tow trucks and tow carts.

Photo by post author and

attempt to explain and 

describe Demolition

derby written by

same person.

If you were here,

You could see plenty of photographs!


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  1. I’m sure this will be a day your grandsons will look back on and remember with pleasure. It sounds like a wonderful day.
    Beautifully composed shot. I love all the color in the photo–the crowds with the man in the cap just off center– and the way the sun hits the trees (late in the day?) so that you can see the trees are just starting to change color.

    • Merril, so happy you found such details to reflect and list of the crowd. You are so right about the time of the day, it started at 7:00 pm. The sun was really beautiful as it was setting off to the left in this photo. πŸ™‚ Thank you for saying what you did about my grandsons. I certainly hope they will remember most of our adventures. ❀

    • Dan, for 30 years I have had this elderly couple and the family give me walleye fish which hangs on both sides of the bun, tartar sauce and sometimes an extra dab of relish from their condiments station. The couple are really nice, the Lake Erie fish is lightly Pablo battered and not greasy. πŸ™‚
      When I went earlier in the day for lunch, I ate a fish sandwich. When Skyler mentioned a gyro, I got my mouth watering for his choice. We have a favorite Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cake vendor, too.

    • Yay, Mike! Come on board the demolition derby crew or be part of the crash audience. πŸ™‚ It is fun, even as a girl or woman, to watch and with helmets and low speeding in this sheltered corner of the fairgrounds, it seems rather “safe.” The excitement is also, possibly, due to a dangerous situation.

    • I think it isn’t quite as bizarre as the old Roman men with horses and chariots aimed at each other; with lances to hurt each other. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your interesting comment and perspective.

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