Grandsons enthralled by Demolition Derby






Cars which are “allowed” to crash!

Not a movie set nor “fake” but

All Real Crashes!

Skyler and Micah,

Sitting on plastic folding chairs,

Reminded often to be careful

and don’t lose your balance!

Maybe could knock beer out of

man sitting behind them,

Possibly topple over onto

chair in front where toddler

watches Them 

While they watch Cars!

Demolition derby adventures.





Final car, left

on field was not

Red, white and blue,

was not orange

nor beat up black one.

Blue one was taken off to be

towed to home or garage 

where these dedicated

Daredevils work and

jerry-rig parts to

participate in

next year’s







54 responses »

    • It was funny because most of the time I was quietly, inwardly, worrying about their folding chairs toppling over! Then, when the blue (and red) car went over the top of the other car, I grabbed the cell phone and aimed it at their expressions. Thank you, Mike.

    • This was a great comment, Merril. It was a little nerve-racking, so I tried to not worry about those folding chairs falling backwards! I am hoping I did get a few points for this. 😉

    • Aww, such a really sweet comment about my earning, “extra grandma points,” Merril.
      I hope your new year will be filled with “L’Chaim.” (Did I write/spell this correctly?) Your family sounds so close-knit and very loving. ❤ The meal with superb meats and food choices had me salivating and not too much later warming up my leftovers. 🙂

      • Thanks, Robin! Yes, the word is spelled the way I usually see it spelled. (Hebrew/Yiddish to English often results in various spellings like Hanukkah, Chanukah, etc.) Having leftovers is always great! 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline! xo
      I do think it was a genuine and honest depiction of their personalities, too. Micah is a risk taker and Skyler (being the older brother) shows his concern upon his countenance. I relate to Sky, as I was the oldest with two brothers under my charge, at times. We had a fantastic night!

    • Thanks for such a great compliment to those boys, the “daredevil” youngest and the serious “worrier” older brother. I am so glad you remember this activity fondly. It means a lot to be able to spend time in this way, as well as creek walks, swimming and hikes. Winter time, I tend to sit with hot coffee, inside the car watching more than sledding. 😉

      • In winter, if you can’t move around to stay warm, then the car with coffee is perfect. I’m sure they appreciate the trip to the sledding hill. 😊

      • I really try to bring the child out in my times with the grandies. My Dad was a big kid, making my own 3 kids feel so lucky and special. He played with them.
        My Mom balances her moments, even now at nearly 88 (November), with listening and adding a few ideas into the mix. Dad used to sled but I don’t anymore. I will hike in the snow, though! 🙂

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