Sunset over Neighborhood


Visiting son and my daughter in law,

Getting much needed resuscitation

in the way *hugs*and home cooking

Revive you, after a long, tiresome day.


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    • I certainly did enjoy my visit during the week, Ian. I was blessed to spend time on Friday, too, at our town’s First Friday celebration. Thanks for your kind, caring comments, dear friend. 🙂

    • So true, Chris. There are times I wish I could edit things out but when I begin the process, I realize it loses the authenticity and honesty of urban scenery. Thank you for the wonderful comment.

    • I agree, Sarah. I love this ability to receive beauty almost anywhere you go. It would be more ideal to not have the urban scenery or even suburban views. The great thing is the natural authentic sunset still is available over a school parking lot. 🙂

  1. Stunning photograph, Robin. You are lucky to have family who nourishes and replenishes you that way. I hope you have a wonderful, warm, lovely time. I will be thinking of you! Hugs.

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