Combining art pieces


I would call this,

“Going Fishing”

but there are elements

of the beauty of the fish,

the found, water worn items,

along with the beautiful glass piece.

You may wonder:

What does Randy like to create?

I would say “statement pieces”

as well as, “natural wonders.”

I like his sculpture titled,

“Oh, Wind.”

It is in his new art gallery shop,

but I need to get a better photo.

~ ~ ~

Randy Oldrieve is my brother,

if you wish to check out 

more of his art, you

may find tag line

and see other

posts with his



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    • Kind of a “collage” of found objects, Derrick. Although Randy did create and carve the fish out of wood and “mount it.” One never knows what my brother will come up with! šŸ™‚

  1. Robin, I’m very taken by this piece – works so well as a whole but then find myself studying it closer trying to decipher the various pieces used. Where does he come across the items? Fascinating – will it go into the art gallery shop?

    • Hi Annika, my brother used to raid wooden pieces of natural found wood, beach driftwood and furniture pieces, too. The carved and created fish piece (then mounted) probably is inspired by our parents living on Lake Erie from the ’80’s through when my Mom moved into a senior living apt in 2013.
      This is in his third floor bedroom over the gallery but many gallery guests may be found wandering through all the rooms. šŸ™‚
      “Oh wind!” is a sculpture in the gallery, not sure if I have a good photo or not.
      The mural he did at Blue’s Creek Market was spanning a family’s many years of business, fresh farm meat and baked goods. His paintings and murals are his second art “love,” while sculpting is his first.
      Thank you for taking the time to view and ask questions!

    • Jen, thanks! šŸ™‚ My brother probably was inspired by my parent’s living on Lake Erie for thirty years, the other “stuff” he does arrange to create a “scene.” This is upstairs above his main gallery. The glass piece he created by blowing it, the box he made out of wood. . . Eclectic is an excellent description!

    • I think this arrangement does create something new, Beth. This is so great how you saw this. Randy blew that glass piece during his glass blowing phase. His carved and painted fish along with stacked found pieces were to make something for my parents’ Lake Erie house wall. šŸ™‚
      By the way, one of my links led me back to one of your unanswered comments on a 2014 post! Thanks for being there and here!
      Last but not least, this Fall is flying by and i feel sad to say, weekends have become full. Although I will be in Cleveland from Oct 29 through November 4th, I’m not sure that is any closer to a halfway spot to meet!
      My email account is “out of synch” on my phone and i have over 20,000 emails when I go to the library computer. Yikes. . .

    • When Randy had a gallery in the Continent in Columbus, my kids would ask me to take broken chair parts and other pieces of wood to him. (This had individual speciality shops with jewelry, shoes, rocks, and he got a “deal” for his double shop space, due to it’s having been aquarium shop. Unfortunately, electricity went out and all the fish had died.)
      Randy created a three part boxed in “wall” of these parts to separate his sections of the shop. When he hauled it to the State Fair, for professional entry in the fine arts exhibit for pre-judging phase, I just knew he’d win an award, Dan. He won the People’s Choice award at Ohio State Fair; comes with accolades and a nice monetary prize. šŸ™‚

    • Hi Chris! I should mention on every post I do with my brother Randy’s art work, “who he is.” I appreciate your finding it interesting. Thank you! He has a long murals career, worked for Les Wexner (the Limited), Fathead’s Brewery wall logos in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Seattle and the Luxor Hotel (Las Vegas) hieroglyphics for their pyramid motif. His first love is sculpting out of wood and creating what is similar to steam punk artwork. šŸ™‚ This hung in my parent’s cottage on Lake Erie, it really fit in with their laid back, retired lifestyle.

      • Wow, you have a talented brother. It looks like he’s done some cool things. It’s nice that he keeps in touch with the art he loves. Have a wonderful fall day, Robin…Cheers!

      • Thank you for the comment on Randy’s projects.
        It flew by, Chris. A marvelous day spent outdoors at Delaware State Park, by the dam. Grandies and some friends from their school played such a wide variety of games and pretend play.
        Son’s wife made a tortilla soup dinner upon return from park. . .
        Hope yours turned out well, too.

      • Wow, Robin. It sounds like a great day. We made some tortilla soup the other night. Definitely one of our favorites. My day was more subdued with a lot of studying but it’s all good. Have a great week. Cheers!

      • Yes, this does sound like an amazing encore career! Thanks for sharing this. . . When I turned away from middle schoolers, I spent the last 9 years with first Early Intervention, then preschool with integrated classroom of 8 children with disabilities, four who were typically developing peers.
        I think nearly getting my Master’s the last years of my forties was wearing since I taught all day then worked at Cracker Barrel restaurant four nights a week. The last three courses at OSU, were not in evening nor summers. . . So, in 2008 “retired” teaching. I wish I had had more time but NCLB Act took effect. A lot of misplaced teachers who were using their professional license in a different area who were scrambling!
        I love Spanish so it is almost a second language. šŸ˜€ (8 years of classes and a 30 year Spanish teacher for a Mom.)

      • Wow, it sounds like you’ve had quite the journey in education as a career. I’m really excited to be doing this. I never thought I’d be back in school but here I am.
        Are you still doing any teaching?

      • No, it was a lovely gathering of so many people who knew I couldn’t afford to keep going and the state kicked a few if my friends out not having been teaching in our original area of expertise. My sister in law is a Dean, teaches Literature and some kind of Social grouping called “tribes” at Baldwin Wallace in Berea, Ohio. She makes me smile when she says I get paid to exercise. I work in a manual labor job as a bin order filler in an auto parts warehouse. šŸ™‚ I meanwhile applied for 8 years for 360 + jobs in education and my LinkedIn account has thousands of connections, so I use my brain for blogging and my songs and learning with grandkids. I have written and illustrated unpublished books and enjoy giving art to children with their names included in it. Happy mid-week to you, enjoy!

      • I like your sister-in-law’s take that you get paid to exercise. Have you ever word a pedometer at work to see how far you walk? I also tried finding work in my previous field before deciding to change fields. There were jobs out there but I did not want to be an administrator anymore and wanted to get back to project management. I’m gathering people were not interested in me because I was over qualified. I understand the fear in not hiring over qualified people but sometimes people were just happier at lower level jobs. Anyhow, that is water under the bridge.
        Isn’t it nice to have some mental bandwidth for the things you enjoy, like blogging and the arts?
        Have a great day

  2. Fascinating piece. To me, it seems almost a 3-D collage. The “statement” I see is kind of a dawn/life creation. The round glass balls against the light–like eggs. The finial (?)/ turned posts at the top, I thought at first they were feminine figures, likes small goddesses. There’s a very organic feel to this.
    But, maybe that’s just me. Maybe he just likes the fish and other components. šŸ˜‰

    • Merril, my brother would love your analysis and often exclaims, “Art is in the eye of the beholder!” Your “dawn/life creation” is a wonderful interpretation! šŸ™‚
      He likes listening to my ramblings and sometimes will share his own impetus; but sometimes not.
      This is two or more pieces stacked up together. The fish he carved and painted, creating this piece for my parents cottage on Lake Erie cliff, as a gift. It fit in with these large boats and barges my Dad painted. He would agree with either organic or steam punk genre classifications. His process has always been organic! Creating with his hands, carving, chiseling or blowing molten glass as the piece here in the box is also his art. Thanks so much for this great commentary. ā¤

      • It is possible he would sell it all together, but didn’t really describe it clearly, Merril. I enjoyed how you saw the spindles/finials, along with life and death. He set it up to create a different arrangement to look at, didn’t mean to say anything except to clarify this. šŸ™‚

    • Michelle Marie, it has been a most busy work (50 hour weeks) season ever at the auto parts warehouse! The grandies have lovely activities, I barely arrive and they are over. šŸ˜¦ Lara is cheering for 8th grade football team, Skyler is playing 7th grade football and all kids are in school except one year old Hendrix. Hope you have been healing and improving, dear.
      Thank you for your kind comment and sending you hugs! xo ā¤

    • Thank you so much, Diana. šŸ™‚ It is pretty cool to be able to go to Mom’s apartment, see his art, (wooden sculpture of a bull’s head, since she taught Spanish), a very impressionistic tree, wind, water and spirit Fall colors painting and a large Easter painting of the three of us (as kids) dressed up walking out of our little brick ranch house with tulips in garden, hung over Mom’s sofa.
      Then, when I go to my oldest daughter’s place and see what he did for her baby room (painting her favorite toys in acrylics) as well as other paintings I appreciate his generosity!
      I am blessed with three of Randy’s glass sculptures (one of his glass pieces is in that wooden box in the post photo), three paintings, along with four framed paper collages and a print; all in my tiny apartment!!
      I feel we each have a gallery of our own. . .

      My son (his wife) and youngest daughter haven’t really embraced his art, but have at least five of their own “Randy artworks” in storage. This is his way of Christmas gifting.

    • Thanks, Pauline! He has amazing artistic ability, which I am proud of, so much. I like sharing it, as if walking through his gallery with me. This is up in his bedroom! šŸ™‚ He created two or three art pieces, then combined them, adding found items.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy Andy’s art work Robin, his imagination knows no bounds, he should have his own gallery because his work is up there with the best, would certainly have him around to put life into any home I had.

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