All the World’s a Stage (Shakespeare)


So many masks, as many as there

are days in the week. There’s always

the “best face” we put on. Then, 

the “blank stare” we give or get.

The “party” or “dressy”clothes

we wear to enjoy occasional

special activities like the theatre,

opera, symphony and fancy dinners out.

I like the idea of the costumes which

help set the mood and present a

pleasant appearance for even 

ourselves to enjoy how we “feel.”

Restaurants care less and less

about “proper attire,” as long as

hats are taken off, shoes are worn.

I like the suggestion of suits and ties,

but what if someone has a simple 

lifestyle~ should they have to 

head to a thrift store and buy

such “finery” just to eat a

special, once in a lifetime meal?

Then, there are funerals where

some feel they must wear dark

or somber attire. So often there

are poems and stories of those

who “break the rules” and wish

to wear black to a wedding 


brightly colored 

rainbow tie dyed,

sheer magical and

bizarre clothing.

Who are we to judge or place

limitations, as long as they aren’t

“streaking” in fully naked fun?

Which happened at the play I

was student director and at our

outdoor high school graduation

in 1974, repeated again, different

“streaker” at BGSU in 1978.

My Mom, as a high school teacher

and Dad, as part scientist,

laughed out loud.

My errant brothers

cheered and clapped,

while I sighed in relief:

Neither time was it my own creative, 

break the rules, artist brother! 

Shakespeare reference:

“All the world’s a stage, and all the 

men and women merely players;

They have their exits and entrances;

and one man in his time plays many

parts, his acts being seven ages.”

Interesting note:

William Shakespeare was born

April 23, 1564

and died

April 23, 1616.

A rather short but

productive 52 years.


The stage is an artwork piece

created by my brother, Randy.

He actually did spend time 

in set designs for 

Huntington Playhouse,

Bay Village, Ohio.

My favorite one was for,


I like the fact he has 

Don Quixote de la Mancha

riding on his donkey, as

well as other metal pieces

located separately above 

His stage. What do you like? 


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    • It is nice to have something that I know and love, to include as an impetus for my writing, Beth!
      I really loved the stuffed animal who reminded me of Lambchops on your own post yesterday! ❤

  1. I like the art piece, Robin, but I’m not a fan of costumes. And, after many, many years of wearing a suit and tie to work, I was happy to see “casual Friday” evolve into “Casual dress” and “Jeans Friday” – these days, I prefer comfort and ties and comfort just don’t go together.

    • Oh, I can understand this, Dan. 🙂 I am happy you know you like to wear comfortable clothing. It is good your work setting has evolved from wearing a necktie into casual dress. For me, not wearing hose (nylons) means “comfort.”

    • I appreciate your liking how I wrote my post, Derrick. I was inspired by the art piece, plus the subject of theatre and our “masks.”
      I am not sure but I think Health Codes encourage shirts in places where food is served. 🙂

  2. I like your reflection that we all wear masks and costumes in different situations. I remember when streaking was kind of a thing for a while–although no social media so we mostly just heard about it. I don’t think it’s at all unusual now to wear black to a wedding. (I’ve done it.) I’ve seen black bridesmaids gowns, too. (The opposite of my younger daughter’s happy rainbow colors for her bridesmaids.)

    I also like the domino “people.” And the stage’s set design could be Beckett– something like “Waiting for Godot” –or the opening of a “Twilight Zone” episode. 🙂

    • This is so cool how you covered so much in your comment, Merril. It is surprising, you never saw a streaker during the 70 – 80’s. 😀
      I should change the post to embrace current customs. I agree, wearing black is up to each person to a wedding. There are actually weddings with a black and white theme. My DIL wore a black wedding dress and looked beautiful.
      My first wedding I had five different colors for my bridesmaids to choose from and each was encouraged to wear their favorite color. (So nice they each chose different colors!) My bouquet was rainbow colored to represent the multiple colors of friendship. Their bouquets were white with just a little bit of yellow.

      • It sounds very pretty, Robin. Younger daughter had a rainbow theme for her wedding. No flowers, but she and bridesmaids carried different colored fans that she made. For Older daughter’s wedding, they had paper flowers that a friend made.

    • Merril, I am happy you mentioned, “Waiting for Godot,” which could have a background in this style.
      I like to think of life’s twists and turns being like a “Twilight Zone” episode. Thanks for such interesting thoughts which added to my post.

    • I like the idea of analyzing Hamlet, James! I am glad you thought of this play by Shakespeare. The multiple colors in the theatre scenery could fit the Shakespeare play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The fairies dance around in colorful dresses. . . 🙂

    • We may be creative and in a variety of ways but I am so pleased to meet so many WordPress people who not only are great writers but have other talents. . . like your talent in photography, Cindy. 🙂

  3. You have to admire the amount of work Shakespeare got done in such a short life. It helps to be a man though – he didn’t have to take time out to change the baby, do the laundry, and cook and do dishes.
    I like your take on dressing up to go out to a restaurant. Many people don’t even own a suit these days, unless they work in a city or have an office job.

    • I am glad you mentioned Shakespeare’s accomplishments, in such a short life. Excellent points, distractions from writing if mother and at home. 🙂
      I am glad you also focused on how sometimes appropriate wardrobes may not be available in some cases, your example of a man not having a suit. Thanks, Anneli!

  4. I love that little stage art work, Robin. I’m off to see King Lear tomorrow- a National Theatre production beamed live to a small theatre near home. Fraction of the cost and you still feel as if you’re actually there. Marvellous 😀

    • Jenny, this sounds like an excellent situation and wonderful way to save while still being in an theatre setting!
      My brother, Rich and his wife, Susan went to a college production of “Twelfth Night,” in Cleveland, Ohio last Friday. Usually they do quite a professional performance while reasonably priced.

  5. I do enjoy how you twine so many thoughts together Robin – the art piece is so interesting and I wish I could see it in the round and really appreciate all the texture and nuances therein. I met an artist a while ago who had recently been married and she wore a dress made of layers of fabric in her favourite colours, a brightly coloured rainbow really, and her husband picked his shirt colour from the fabrics and wore a cowboy hat and boots…… They looked fabulous!!

    • Pauline, thank you for liking the way I twine multiple threads of thoughts and try to weave a coherent or cohesive post! 🙂
      My first wedding I had five bridesmaids, each chose from a pallette of pastel colors and a friend of my Mom’s sewed each dress. Luckily, they each chose different colors. Their bouquets were white, while mine was rainbow colored. (7/8/78) I wore white dress, though. Definitely, this was a “groovy” wedding theme. 😀
      I like the artist bride having a multiple players rainbow dress. The groom wearing a shirt to match one of the colors sounds very warm and nice of him. The cowboy hat and boots really made this unique! 🙂

  6. SO…IT ISN’T AN OLD TV? I think we had one streaker during our H.S. graduation. Hey you and I have something in common…both offspring of teachers! My Mom was substitute teaching…AND SHE COULD SHOW UP IN ANY OF MY CLASSES—EVEN GYM (NOT TOO OFTEN IN GYM)! For what it’s worth…I became a sub. teacher, too—!.

  7. P.S.–I got my “Oscar” in H.S. as a member of “Little Theater Guild…In my senior year we did Agatha Christie’s MOUSE TRAP, among other things that I was in, over the years, starting in Junior High. 🙂

      • My mother always taught in the next town over, Jonathan. She actually lives there after having retired, moved away to live with Dad from the 80’s until 2013, when we chose to find a safe and nice senior living apartment for her and sell hers and Dad’s retirement cottage, money in her account. 🙂

      • Well…you missed a great, or humbling experience…depending on the class and Mom’s attitude! But then…she really DID have eyes in the back of her head–she’d taught full-time several years before she and Dad met.

  8. That is so cool!!!!!!!!!! I want to pin this on Pinterest to one of my existing boards. Should I put it on “revision art,” “art of the scrapyard,” or “dollhouses and room boxes”?

    • Luanne, I trust your opinion and fine judgment. This is such a cool and special response. Thanks so much! It is a simple wooden framed theatre. Not sure how it came into being. Randy uses so much of what he finds or has surrounding him, in the way of materials. Which fits it, in your mind? 🙂

      • I don’t want to create a new board for it because it will be lonely, so I am thinking maybe art of the scrapyard because he uses found objects that MIGHT otherwise end up in a scrapyard. Does that make sense?

  9. Love the stage and the dominoes are so effective! Don’t we all wear masks everyday of our lives- at work, entertaining and even at home with our children. Sometimes I begin to wonder what I really feel! Which one is true and do I dare reveal the real one to myself at all? Thought provoking post, Robin and I really enjoy seeing your brother’s art work.

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