Field of Hope for Maria


Here’s my Labor Day gang,

While Mom chose to stay at home

and wait for us to bring take out dinner.

You may recognize my artist brother,

Randy, grandson Micah and 

youngest daughter, Felicia.

This field has tags on many 

of the sunflowers, hundreds!

Each says a loving wish or

hope sent with love to

family member or 

friends who died

of cancer.


Sarah asked me to add

a link to this fundraiser:


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    • Annika, thank you for enjoying this photograph. I felt getting up on the bandstand lent the perspective some depth. My brother is the one whose art I feature. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at OSU. My youngest daughter graduated from University of Dayton with dual degrees of marketing and communication. Micah thinks he wants to be a vet this week. Ha ha πŸ™‚

    • Annika, sometimes Micah tells me he’ll be a cook like my son is. I tell him his Uncle Jamie is more like a chef, also was a kitchen manager. Then, this is funny, he will say, “This sounds so complicated!” πŸ™‚

      • Oh, life IS complicated…but no need to tell him that!πŸ˜ƒ My brother trained as a chef and was very good. In the end he left it as the girlfriends never liked the antisocial hours – ironically enough he now runs his own international company, travels the globe and is away most of the time!

    • I would be thrilled if he found a restaurant like he was once the kitchen manager (good quality food, nice atmosphere and great wages), but unfortunately the place closed. He works early day hours and the present place gives him either a Friday or Saturday evening off; plus one weekday off. Jamie is my child who never has a bad memory of our times together and takes the combination family swimming at the local “Y” (all year round) and still will cook dinner! Today,they went back to a town we lived in years ago, then to the Renaissance festival!

    • Annika, just in case you were interested I more about Maria’s cause and the foundation, I put a new link to this on my post today! It includes fundraiser projects and picture of the girl, Maria. πŸ™‚

    • We begged her to come and look from the car since you can approach this from three directions. We said we would sit with her while we took turns walking around. We even rushed to get back to show we wouldn’t have stayed too long. She was napping when we got back so probably best she didn’t come.
      This was such a super day, Merril! They radiated heat and glowed with the sunshine! πŸ™‚

    • I absolutely love the idea of faces on sunflowers, Merril. I painted three 5 foot tall sunflowers, in the laundry room of the house we built. I miss my little paintings, like the violets I had painted on a creamy peach ribbon in one of our bathrooms, with lavender walls combed with a deeper lavender. It looked like barn siding texture. Each room I did something which were personal favorites of mine; except how my husband’s office was painted. He wanted it to look like a cliff. πŸ™‚

    • Cheers sent back to you, Chris. We met a few people who made tags for 2-4 years in a row for the new flowers each year. In my head, I thought: “This would be so much better to come visit than a cemetery.” Although I love going to cemeteries, my Dad doesn’t have anything but an empty box and plaque, my Mom saved his ashes for her to get intertwined with his, thrown into Lake Erie, is what she wants when she dies.
      The event is amazing, the meaning is beautiful. A field of hope.

      • That’s awesome that people make tags on successive years. I agree about this being better than a cemetery. Old graveyards are cool but nothing beats sunflowers. Have a great Sunday. Cheers!

      • Yay for your grandson. There was a lot of studying today punctuated by a nice walk in the woods and making a fairly awesome eggplant parmigiana with a sauce made from our own tomatoes. πŸ… All in all a good day. Have a good night.

    • Chris, your days and evenings sound wonderfully filled with all the good things in life. Family, learning, nature and nature’s bounty (tomatoes and eggplant, so delectable a combination. One of my favorite baked dishes ever, to eat!)

    • It was a perfect day, just brilliant and the sunflowers radiated joy, Dan.
      Randy has been a great friend as my other brother is, too. I am very lucky to have what I do, thankful and wish no one had to lose a loved one, especially a child.

  1. The field of sunflowers is a dramatic and stunning tribute to the children taken away by cancer. Thank you for this photo, along with your lovely poem, Robin.

    • Here’s to the little ones who never grew older or bigger, Beth. The sight is beautiful and worth visiting.
      I think a few people have told me this may catch on in other areas, too. Wouldn’t this be like a golden ribbon of sunflowers tying the communities together? xo

    • Hi Beth, I was asked by Sarah on the Micah in the sunflowers field to add a link to Maria’s fundraiser so people may run, go to wine tasting gathering in her honor and donate on this link. I liked being able to show people how Maria looked and her family. ❀

  2. What a special place to celebrate life as well as share reverence and memory for those who are honored in this beautiful garden. It must be a very moving sight. Beautiful family photo, too!

    • It was suggested that it may end nice to share the link to Maria’s field of hope, so it was added today by me, Debra. Just in case you would like to see Maria, her family or know more about the organization. Thanks for your sweet comment again! ❀

    • Ian, you are the first to mention how Randy looks. ❀ I feel like you, Randy and I are three peas in a pod! Ana would fit right in, too.
      There were people taking tags out into the fields and asking their group members or significant others, "What do you want to say to ____?" They were sincerely worded notes like, "We miss you!" It was a very moving experience.
      My t-shirt I bought recently, I am wearing, says: " Van Halen. 1978." This was so neat I found it in a mall with my 12 year old granddaughter. I told her "I graduated from college that year!" She replied, "That's so cool, Nana!" πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Debby. ❀ I think taking the tags into the field and overhearing adults asking each other or their children: " What do you want to say to _____?" made an impact on our hearts. I also think it is a wonderful way to "show tribute" as you expressed here so caringly.

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