Micah and the sunflower field


Micah is in second grade and likes 

to try and read as much as possible.

The hundreds of tags with wishes

and hopes expressed towards

loved ones who had passed

away due to cancer 

were like a “mission,”

he wanted to read

as many as we

would allow.

“This is for

a child.”

“Oh look, this is

for a special teacher!”

He pointed

out messages for

parents and found some

for grandparents. The ones

who had names the same as his

classmates, touched him the most:

“I know a Christopher and 

an Eli, a Sarah and 

a Hailey.”

 ~ * * * ~


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    • Anneli, this was perceptive of you! He is what we always wanted in a student and friend. I see great things in him! πŸ™‚
      Micah went to see Pete’s Dragon and Marley and Makyah sat on either side. My friend, Libda, nudged me, he was the one who wept when the doctors and naturalists were fighting and the dragon looked sick while captive. The other two were patting his hand. Thank you!<3

    • Aww, thanks sweet Joey! ❀ Micah is a big hearted boy, when I ask the six grandies who wants to see my Mom for a three day weekend, he volunteers every time! (Memorial day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends.) It is a rather "dull" time when you think of kids and all the technology they get to use, if they aren’t in a senior living apt. But he goes from table to table at breakfast and asks if the residents would like juice. πŸ™‚

    • Micah was close to the age of the girl who died of brain cancer, so this is what started his “quest” to seek names and how old they were. It was really touching, something he chose to do, row after row. Probably reading 25 or more messages. Thanks so much, Ian.

    • April, thank you for this special message! The sunflowers are in tribute to Maria, who died of brain cancer at just under age 7. People pay for the seeds, the tags and donate outright for brain cancer research. The concert (band, Georgia) mentioned on another post also donated their musical talents.

  2. Mike, this was a very kind compliment on Micah! He truly does seem to radiate happy sunshine. My Mom really liked him, he is up bringing her Walker and helping her at the buffet breakfast in her senior living apartment building. Several people remember him from his many extended visits. They ask him to get some juice or an extra donut. πŸ™‚
    Some know from my blogging that his Dad doesn’t visit him since Carrie and he went through an arduous court battle. She paid for a “guardian ad lidem” since he was being out of line with requests and not wanting to pay child support. While Carrie works on Sundays he is my shadow and special grandie, Micah. ❀

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