Industrial Park Dawn


Although framed by trees,

The Dawn’s early light beaming,

My face isn’t such a ray of sunshine!


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    • Oh, I like when the sky brings a feeling of hope, Jill. It was a beautiful morning, just wish I hadn’t been heading towards work! Still grateful for the job, insurance and co-workers! Thank you!

  1. Great picture. I’ve been to a lot of industrial parks, usually when it’s freezing and there’s snow on the ground, and this looks like it could have been taken during that time of year.

    • So glad you got the dry attempt at humor, dear friend! 😉 Yes, we aren’t always tickled pink on the way to work. Unless I have a donut or something yummy with my coffee to get a sugar buzz. . .

    • Oh, Sarah! You are so right. I used to love reading to my children or grandchildren when they were little during the day and nodding off with them. I love naps! Do either Choppy or Schooner nap with you?

      I also like to try to include nature and industry. There was a nice pink pastel hue on a large cylindrical tube which was around the bend last Fall or Winter from this photo shot. I liked the way it had a unique look. Thank you so much for adding this second part.:)

      • Naps are always a great part of any day when I get one! Schooner and Choppy generally leave me alone for my naps, though Choppy always sticks close to keep an eye on me (probably just in case I decide to wake up and eat anything).

    • Dan, you take many morning photographs and I imagine you have a cheerful morning spirit. Thanks for thinking the thought was a beautiful one!
      I would be happy if I were heading off in a different direction to spend the day. I get up early on Saturdays early and am happy to know I will utilize every second carefully.

      • You’re welcome, Robin. I leave earlier than I have to for work. Sometimes I go in extra early. Sometimes I stop and spend some time on “my” park by the river. I know from your posts that you make the most of your weekends. That’s a good thing.

    • Great question! Probably not that much earlier than many do, Luanne. On Monday’s through Thursday’s, we clock in at 7:00 am, on Friday’s we clock in at 6:00 am. I try to get up and eat a fairly healthy breakfast since it needs to last until first break.

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