There’s colors in the sky!


The silhouettes of trees,

large swipes of gold, yellow,

peach, orange, red, indigo violet 

and blues blended with grays,

all created it’s own sense 

of  dramatic  flair.

I am not sure how 

easy it may be to see, 

but there was the shadow of 

the moon and the light of the sun.

If you are not able to see this in the

middle top section, well maybe the

sky and my eyes are playing 

“tricks” on me!

In my defense,

I was wearing sunglasses.


Edith Wharton, author of

many books led a colorful life,

married to a sickly and depressed man.

She lived in a beautiful estate called 

the Mount. You may enjoy a tour

in Lenox, Massachusetts.

When she sought out intellectual 

stimulation, she found company

in a fellow writer and journalist.

She divorced her husband and

spent time with Fullerton of The Times.

She had been nominated for several

awards including the Nobel Prize for

literature three years in a row.

Edith won the Pulitzer Prize

for “The Age of Innocence.”

I read this and “Ethan Frome.”

I did not realize she wrote design

books and non-fiction books.

(Interior and Garden Designs)

I like this quotation from 

Edith Wharton:

“In spite of illness,

in spite of the archenemy sorrow,

one can remain alive long past

the usual date of disintegration

If one is unafraid of change,

insatiable in intellectual curiosity,

interested in big things 

and happy in small ways.”


What big stuff is happening

and/or what small things 

make you happy?


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  1. Good morning, Robin! Stunning sky. I do see the shadow, although I would not have known what is was, if you hadn’t said. šŸ™‚

    I like the quotation from Edith Wharton. I also did not know she wrote books on design.
    There are lots of big things happening in the world, as we know, and the small things that make me happy? There are many, among them: my family, my cats, that first cup of coffee in the morning and time to enjoy it, enjoying good meals and conversations, the colors of nature, watching the water, art, theater, movie, books, and even TV shows sometimes. Oh, and writing something that I’m proud of. šŸ™‚

    • I am always glad to share something I learned, so this Edith Wharton fact was a recent piece of new information. šŸ™‚
      Merril, I am happy your list has many wonderful, special “small things” which means your life is full of them! Color of nature would include one of my many overlapping, simple things which bring me smiles, too.

  2. We occasionally get a sunset as glorious as the one you shared, but not often. We haven’t had a lot of clouds lately, which add much color and texture to the sunsets.

    Big things? Our parents, now in their 80’s, are coming to visit for Christmas and New Years from Southern California. And Florence purchased us a cruise to the Bahamas in February for my birthday. (Lots of good deals at that time of year.) Those are big things worth looking forward to. – Mike

    • Having elderly parents still living, really makes it a big deal! Your upcoming trip sounds fantastic, Mike! Glad to hear about Florence’s birthday gift for you to share in February. A combination of romantic Valentine’s day gift, too. ā¤

  3. I am happy most of the time because I look for it in small places and “packages”. This hyperpartisan atmosphere is the biggest negative in my life because it speaks to an ignorance that I did not believe was possible in America. But, one way or the other, the holidays are coming, and this is my fave time of year. Love Edith Wharton and this beautiful photograph, Robin.

    • Wonderful outlook, Beth. Small things and “packages,” are great places to find joy!
      I love the holidays but will miss summer’s passing and soon, fall’s. . .
      If we could have holidays for a week or so and skip to spring, I would be happy. (Fantasy, I know.)
      The elections are still grabbing my mind and twisting it, creating some pains. I will hope for the best and hold my breath, just wishing for sanity and clarity. Hugs to you and Geoffrey, dear. ā¤

    • The cheerful town post asked what lifts you up and this has a similar reflection, Dan. I was “on a roll;” nature in one, small town in other.
      Small ways to be happy makes life easier. Finding satisfaction in things which are possible means more than wishing for the impossible. I can see why you say you “can handle” small ways that make you happy.
      Sorry about the way changes overwhelm you these days.

    • Diana, so glad you enjoyed Edith Wharton’s quote. It is always nice to find a quote worthy of repeating.
      Thank you for your wishes to me, for large and small joys! So far, many joyful moments. Hope you may have this week both kinds, D. ā¤

    • Early man may have still been in awe of the sky but as you described their thought processes, color origins may have been inexplicable to them, Jacqui. Such an interesting perspective!

  4. Lovely colors in that photograph! It appears that the leaves have fallen from your trees already. Our days are still reaching over 85 degrees! It seems I have read some Edith Wharton, but can’t bring anything up right now. I may have read some of the Age of Innocence, but I certainly remember the beautiful movie with Michelle Pfeiffer in it. What makes me happy on a small level is just a nice, quiet weekend, and of course, the family thing…. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, Robin.

    • Thanks for the compliment on the photograph, Lana. Rain took a lot of the leaves off some of the trees. In some areas more than others.
      I like Edith Wharton’s writing and hope someday to re-visit the classics!
      I hope if you wish for cooler weather, you will receive them. Also, more nice, quiet times spent with family or your guy. šŸ™‚

      It was a different kind of weekend but am enjoying time with my Mom. I will continue to try relaxing over the rest of the week spent here in Cleveland. Take care! xo

    • Oh, enlarging does bring up the moon’s shadow. This may remind others to try this. šŸ™‚

      It was unusual to discover something new about someone famous, who I felt I “knew” most of her books, Derrick.

  5. I was just reading a follow-up to the Preppy Handbook and it recommended reading anything by Edith Wharton. The small things I’m enjoying this weekend? New Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel!

    • I cannot wait to dig into the new Christmas Hallmark movies, Kerbey. šŸ™‚
      Ironically, my Mom doesn’t like Hallmark movies! So, we are watching “Law and Order” (any variety), “Blueblood,” and “Criminal Minds.” She is not your typical 88 year old!

      I am so glad you included the Preppy Handbook, since some readers, unfamiliar with your nostalgic and humorous posts may come visit, if they read your comments about Edith Wharton. šŸ™‚

      • She doesn’t like them? Does she think they’re too cheesy? We were up till 1am watching last night. I guess you should do whatever you like at 88. šŸ™‚

    • My Mom misses my Dad and thinks that watching family movies makes her cry. So, murder and mayhem reign!! I love them and they make me hopeful for my “old” age, maybe a miracle or Mrs. Miracle will find a man to spend Christmas with! Thank you for this nice chat! xo

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