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Wood Sculpture by Randy


Chunks of wood

Varied trees fallen 

or cut to allow passage

of electrical or telephone

wires, messages worth saving.

Wood creating new form through

sawing, sanding and caring.

Time spent by artist who had a vision.

Sister in law, Susan and brother, Rich

placed this in front picture window.

Pillows for pups of golden retriever,

dachshund-beagle mix and Shih Tzu

where they may find themselves

“Zoning out with Zen” radiating

from the creative mind of 

a sculptor/artist/Zen master.


Visitors may not realize Randy 

is my 18 months younger brother.

Let me know what you think 

and if you have found 

inspiring thoughts.

Early morning fog and sunbeams


~ the location ~

Overlooking an intersection,

crosswalks help students to

hurry where fields of lacrosse, 

soccer and baseball were played 

from Spring through Fall. 

~ the view ~

The fog floats over now quiet

green campus grounds,

drifting sleepily along.

~ my wish ~

Hope this makes your day 

burst into sunbeams!

It is the last Sunday of November,

month full of so much in content

where gratefulness was present.


~ a quotation from 

John Henry Jowett ~

“Thankfulness is not a minor virtue.

It is not one of the elementary virtues

that may be left behind as we become

more mature. I believe thankfulness

is essential to the strength of every

virtue, and that without it, every 

other branch is starved and lean.

Life without thankfulness is devoid 

of love and passion. Hope without 

thankfulness is lacking in fine

perception. Faith without

thankfulness lacks strength

and fortitude. Every virtue

divorced from thankfulness

is maimed and limps 

along the spiritual road.”

Hope your Sunday is full

of gratitude and serenity.

Thursday’s Doors ~ 175 N. Liberty St. (Side view)


I like when controlled tall grasses

are included in landscaping.

The chimney brick is 

different from the 

front white washed bricks.

This house has a nice wide yard,

more expanse on the side of the house

for croquet games or an Easter egg hunt.

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Thursday’s Doors ~ 175 N. Liberty St. (Full view)


On a bright sunny day,

a yellow house with red garage,

seemed to grin and beam with joy.

It was pleased to have managed to get

through many children’s feet upon its

 emerald green lawn, wearing costumes 

of diverse characters and creatures. 

Leaves were mainly sticking to 

their branches, no need to 

have rakes nor owners 

collecting these 

in recycled 

paper bags.

Stretching its 

shutters and allowing

a light breeze in the front 

screen door, the house welcomed 

a warm November day to its interior 

and hoped the owners were able to

relax and enjoy their weekend.

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