Thursday’s Doors ~ Delaware home




Ornate details,

Arches, circles, 

Criss crosses, eaves,

Shuttered attic window 

Beautiful brickwork, . . .

These are a few of my

favorite things on houses.

This house is on North Liberty Street.

The presentation is thanks to a leader

who will share his own Door’s and links,

Check them out (and also, my full view.)


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      • Weekends often fly by too swiftly, Jennie. The Trolls movie is really meaningful and two of my favorite songs are not just thrown in but she’d light on how to be more aware of each other in this big, beautiful yet messy world. “True Colors” and “Sound of Silence.” Simply gorgeous in many ways better than even “Zootopia!”

    • Hi Chris! This is on my top ten favorite homes in my small town. I can visualize so much happiness and activities surrounding the home.
      Thanks for liking the door post today. 🙂

    • This word, “character” goes right next to my other favorite word to describe pretty homes~ “charming.” Thanks so much, Diana. I used to take my 3 children trick or treating up this street where there elementary school was close by my rental home. It is fun to drive by and think of the nice people who live here. It is still owned by people in their sixties, my cohorts, so to speak. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, Deborah. I feel like I know this home although never having gone in it. My 3 grown children’s elementary school is down the street, we lived about a small town sized “block and a half” from here. So, you bet we enjoyed walking to trick or treat around here. This family has children about five years older than mine but are very genuinely nice people.

    • Thanks, Brenda! ❤ I have had the tagline since I started but it wasn't maybe noticeable (?) It kind of covered so much of what I wanted to share on my blog, Brenda.
      I would love to have holiday celebrations here with family and then keep one bedroom for myself and another ready for the grandies overnight visits. It would be fun but I would certainly close the vents and cover furniture in some of the less used rooms. . . We love trick or treating on this street, where my own 3 children attended elementary school just about two blocks away. Sky attended but is at the middle school, while Micah attends here. 🙂

      • Your area is lovely too. We are blessed with a lot, Brenda. I feel today with my 3 munchkins (sisters, Marley and Makyah with their cousin, Micah) there is a busy and fun day ahead. . . Took them to “Trolls” which we felt was even better in the peaceful and lovely message than “Zootopia.” Any movie which includes nearly a complete, new version of “True Colors” and “Sound of Silence” is extra special. ❤

      • Daughters with warm and loving hearts are such extra special beings, as are those strong, loving sons who look after us (will you in the future). ❤

      • Just a spoiler alert, my one grandson Micah takes death seriously. One troll loses his mother. 😦 Just so you know. He cried at “Pete’s Dragon,” too.

      • I thought this would make sense to you, Brenda!
        Once I told you why I was looking at this town in its 2 1/2 hour distance from Mom and Dad as well as my children’s Daddy.
        Our downtown is actually prettier than Westerville’s. Our downtown organization is very actively involved with an antique working (with high tech film lens) movie theater and about ten restaurants. Greek, Italian, sushi/Asian fusion, three Mexican, English pub (old bag o’ nails), an old fashioned diner, and one fancy restaurant (1808).
        We are the home base for the COSO Central Ohio Symphonic Orchestra, too. I agree, culture thrives in university towns.

    • It was a place I knew no one, asI often say. I picked this as one of two places in central Ohio. Halfway to my ex-husband and halfway to my parents. My ex was from Cincy, I grew up in Cleveland and it was either Delaware due to Ohio Wesleyan University or Westerville with Otterbein University. I am pleased to say I brought a baby of six months, 3 and 5 year old here and all three live close by and love it here. Thirty years ago. . .

    • Judy, thank you! I like to draw historical homes and yet, never were they on the Delaware (OH) home tours. My drawings were used to create postcards, note cards and mug imprints. The money here was for a Be Wise camp program for middle school girls to attend and learn from math and science professional and academic women. Only have put a couple of drawings on the blog though I did about 50 in this town and in Lancaster, Ohio about 20. Details are what really “make” a home become special! I was surprised I think you were the first to use “gingerbread trim” description and it is the perfect description!

  1. Definitely a house of beauty and elegance, it would be lovely to know some of its history, as I am sure the original inhabitants would have been noted people within the community, with a story to tell.

  2. I actually went to Ohio Wesleyan (10 years ago now), and I remember well all the cool houses in the city. I’m particularly fond of Winter St, where my sorority house is. I’m loving your door photos from Delaware!

    • Oh, so excited to “meet” you! Did you have an elderly house mother named Ruth? 🙂
      I am happy to tell you our downtown is even more lively! If you ever come back for a reunion or visit please let me know! Meanwhile, welcome and hope the fraternity houses Christmas lights (2015) and other buildings like Gray Chapel bring back happy memories. 🙂

      • Nope, must be a different sorority 🙂 Glad to hear the town is doing so well! I haven’t been back in a few years. I know the university has been growing and changing, too–looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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