In remembrance of veterans


There could be many thoughts

on the subject of Veteran’s Day.

My salutation would be given

as the traditional 21 gun salute.

I would rather plant flowers

than leave a wreath,

while permanence 

is displayed in

artificial plants

or wreaths.

“A sincere thank you 

for your service!”


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    • Lest we forget which we should never do! We must remember those who gave up their lives as well as those who lived but have such stress and pain in their lives. Hugs, Robin xo

    • Thank you for such loyal members and family support of the troops, Judy.
      Thank you for reminding people of how to treat and respect their own flag! 🙂
      When my parents retired and lived year-round in a simple cottage on Lake Erie, my Dad was very dedicated to “raising” his flag and taking it down from a post by the front door. My growing kids saw him roll it up daily and bring it inside. On way out the door with a collie named Nicky.

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