Veteran’s Day, 2016


My grandsons spent 

nearly 40 minutes,

looking and studying

the different elements 

of military service.

There was an army camp,

weapons on display,

an army hummer and a jeep.

The display for dinner of

a military family member

created a short discussion of

whether or not this is done

For loved ones who have been

unable to return to their

holiday family meal~

Whether from illness or

hospitalization, Depending 

on living but unable to come home

or on Dying, while the missing place

is set as a symbol of respect and love.

Here is the “recipe” for the details:

“Our White Table”

White tablecloth = purity of motive.

Black napkin = prisoner of war.

Navy blue napkin was not explained~

possibly for Navy or Marine soldier

or replace with folded American flag.

Candle lit on table = Being a 

“light in the darkness.”

Red rose = represents hopes 

+ prayers of those awaiting

return of loved ones.

Red ribbon on vase = determination.

Inverted glass = missed love one.

A slice of lemon = bitter fates.

Pinch of salt = the tears of families.

The army helmet resting on the gun 

which had its barrel deeply 

buried in the soil, again

seemed to draw 

attention to

the sad 


of war.

(Next post)

~ ~ ~

Inspired by,

“America’s White Table,”

originated by 

Margot Theis Raven.

In remembrance to all 

areas of military service

and loss of loved ones,

Gratitude for Veteran’s Day,

November 11, 2016.

If you wish to leave

a message or say

how you or your family

honors Veterans, please

leave in the comments.


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  1. the soldiers dedicate their lives and sacrifice everything for the country………but they are not the only ones who sacrifice, their families and friends make this sacrifice with them………god bless their souls.
    beautiful post……!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank goodness I read this post…almost forgot it was Veteran’s Day and almost woke up my kids who are sleeping late and very happy to have the day off…yeah, you can tell we lose sight of what Veteran’s Day is really about…

    • My grandchildren all had to attend school today and were disappointed that I didn’t get my mail. πŸ™‚ I have the 3 M’s overnight and we loved the “Trolls” movie! So happy to hear, “The Sound of Silence” in a kids movie. πŸ™‚
      Children may always be relieved to have a day off, heck, I would have liked this, too!

  4. Strong powerful image and words, Robin. Armistice day here today with two minutes silence at 11.11 am – observed at workplaces, schools, supermarkets. Always emotional and thoughtful – the full remembrance service on Sunday across the country in local communities and in London.

    • Annika, thank you dear friend for keeping us informed about other countries. I genuinely wish and hope for Peace on Earth. I appreciate Armistice Day being included here in your comment. ❀

  5. Thank you for this remembrance post. My father gave more as a WWII soldier than I have ever been able to comprehend, and taking a few moments to remember his and other’s service is the least I can do.

    • It truly is the least we can do. I agree with your respectful words, Mike. There has never been a “safe,” “good” nor “easy” wartime situation.
      WWII really was a powerful and scary war, but this one really seemed important to not stand by and allow such evil to exist. I have to say this one was “necessary” on all fronts served to defeat the enemies.

  6. Thank you for the informative post Robin, I never knew of those symbols.
    The day has now passed, I was in my car driving when the 11th hour struck, but thankfully I was able to pull over as they played taps across the radio. Such a moving piece. I sat head bowed listening and thanked all of those brave young men who lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom.
    I was on my way to conduct a Service, my beginning words were welcome on this Remberance Day 11/11/2016 – Lest We Forget.

    • Oh, I was happy to pass this on which I had captured the images in September county fair days but read more this month in a magazine. Always nice to hear why certain elements are included since my grandsons were asking. Better late than never since they didn’t have a placard of explanation posted. . .hugs xo ❀

  7. Your service was excellent, I am sure, Jen. This was lovely to take the moments to listen to taps on the radio, as well as extend the days powerful meaning into the service.

    I heard taps played at day’s end at Girl Scout camp, as well as my brother’s playing it on his cornet, (trumpet) it brings tears even if just on the closing of another day in a life. Reminds me to take what I can of each day, short and swift as they pass. . .

      • Oh, sweetie! For some reason this comment was sent off to await my approval. So sorry, Jen. Hugs xo
        Mom was in hospital for 3 days this week due to an infection but not a UTI. She underwent many tests and had a high fever. Not sure why this comment on 11/12 didn’t go through.
        Hope your parents Momma and Poppa Penguin are doing okay. Poor Dad, I know he has such battles and endures so much. hugs for you all. Prayers for you, Mr. S, parents, daughters and baby coming to bring Joy!! ❀

  8. Thank you, Robin, for the educational post. I did not know the meaning behind these iconic symbols. Now I do, and now I have another reason (not that I needed one) to celebrate my uncles and cousins who served.

  9. Thank you for sharing that beautiful post on Veterans day Robin, I recall from my time in the Army, that at every Formal Dinner, there would be a table set for missing and absent soldiers, each course would be served as with all the others, and a Toast would be made as such.
    Our Veterans day is called ANZAC Day here and we commemorate it on the 25th April each year.
    A pleasure to read your Veterans day post.

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