Thursday’s Doors ~ November 18, 2016 (full view)


This house is located in Delaware, Ohio.

You have seen a few homes,

brick (Halloween with green

details and skeletons) and 

elegant brick house last week.

Those were all located on

North Liberty Street.

There are many  more doors

in varied choices found at:

Thank you, Norm Frampton,

our doors leader and founder!

Have a wonderful slide into

the weekend and quite a new

change in weather in our

“neck of the woods!”


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  1. Lovely photo and I particularly like the seat by the front door under the porch! As I went for a walk today I found myself looking at doors…spotting new ones, liking the old ones to the pub that dates back to the 17th century.

    • Annika, you and others may post door photos, which you can also choose to skip once in awhile! I would enjoy the centuries old pub door! It is nice to look around and notice history and architecture in places you travel to.

  2. Robin,
    I just returned from a trip to India where we visited a museum that also has a door collection from the 17 to 1800s. I went there with my son and was telling him that all the beautiful doors reminded me of your blog ❀

    • Sandhya, this lovely comment just brought a tear to my eyes. I get sentimental when I know how busy we all may become and yet: I do miss you a lot! Thank you for sharing with your son and also for letting me know about your trip to India. This must have been amazing! Hugs and smiles sent to you and your son. xo

      • Thanks so much Robin. I am truly grateful for our friendship.
        Have a great Thanksgiving with your lovely family.

      • Hope you also will have fun with your family, Sandhya!
        I hope to either have my work hours lessen or new position in my job hunt come to fruition!
        I let my brother know I would enjoy cranberries in either a salad or the turkey stuffing. πŸ™‚ Your cooking recipes make me hungry, dear. ❀

    • April, I think you would enjoy this tree filled neighborhood. You made rocking or Adirondack chairs and painted them (possibly?) green. I like your front porch and chairs, too. πŸ™‚

    • Sarah, I like to receive awards and write posts giving them back to others who may be new to blogging. This helped me to expand my friends in the blogging community. It may be middle of December but I won’t forget you! πŸ™‚ Thank you sincerely fir the award nomination and your kind words on my blog.

  3. I like the simple white on gray color scheme. It’s what we chose for our house when we switched the siding. The place does have “curb appeal” as you mentioned in the other post. I like finding these little neighborhoods with a rich selection of doors.

    • This street has almost too many of them, Dan! (Not enough fall Thursday’s left!) So glad you liked the white on gray color scheme. I do think it has similar to your house’s siding. I should remember this from your porch project (for Maddie.) πŸ™‚
      I actually already wrote totally different words about this house and set it up for next November, too. It will be same house, different thoughts.

    • Thank you, Jonathan! So happy you felt this might be nice to share with your friends on your blog. I am sure there will be Christmas decorations but I have a few other houses to possibly feature. hugs xo

    • Oh, Sarah. I love the idea of “farmhouse style homes” as a way to describe this and others like it. These are warm qualities to attribute to a home I also picture in fond ways (through my imagination.) πŸ™‚

  4. I hadn’t seen your posts for awhile, so I came over here to find you. I’m glad to see you posting because it must mean you’re recovering from the surgery–or recovered??? xo Hope your weekend is a beautiful one.

    • Thank you so much, Luanne. ❀ It has unbelievably been three weeks passing by (Oct 28 till Nov 18). The second week, I had to return to work (with mandatory 50 hours- yikes!)
      I managed fairly well not to lift nor bend too much. It supposedly takes 3 months to fully repair inside the eye incision. I should visit everyone as much as I can on Saturday, in blogging friends. Sunday we work to earn our day after Thanksgiving off!
      Hope all is well with you and your family. I will come over now to see what's new! hugs xoxo

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