Tripod weathervane or windmill


Sunday Sayings:

The Meaning of Life

“The greatest thing is to give thanks

for everything. He who has learned

this knows what it means to live. 

He has penetrated the whole 

mystery of life; giving 

thanks for everything.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

“God gave us five senses;

It is sheer ingratitude to

worship Him with

any less.”

~ W.J. Cameron


after all, is a 

word of action.”

~ W.J. Cameron


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    • Ha ha, Chris! 😀 Without its adornment atop the tripod, I was speculating what it was. This city girl from Cleveland Ohio never is quite sure what country folks call things! 😉
      Thank you for enjoying the Sunday quotes. Meanwhile, am heading off to work, hi ho, hi ho!

    • So glad you shared this, Chris. I had a friend (Amy) whose parents were from Mentor. My son visited there with her son and it seemed like a really nice town, from what I heard of it. 🙂

      • Ouch ten and a half hours. You said they were going to be long days this week. I’m done with studies for the day. We had American Chop Suey for dinner and I made a dessert for later from a recipe I got in El Salvador. Rest up!

    • Thank you for saying “hello” from the sky, Juan! The only time I have “edited” photographs I always say at the bottom of the post, friend. Usually, in the past my grandson Skyler would play with the “editor” button. . . 😀

    • Dan, I took this “whatchamacallit” picture the same day I took those trees and field shining in the sunset last week. Thanks for saying it was done in a nearly perfect light!

    • Ann, feel free to use the quote! There are several Thanksgiving ones and it is hard to decide which ones apply in a “generic” non-offensive way. . .
      I use only my photos, or ones sent to me from friends or family which they “tag” for my blog. They “get a kick” from my giving them credit, like last week Anna sent me the Buckeye Lake boathouse photo! 🙂

    • I count you among my most precious blessings, dear Natalie. You can check my responses and yours are the only ones which I write like I feel we “know” each other! Hugs xo ❤

    • The sun was setting behind me, I had originally planned on taking a picture of it! Then, getting out I realized the golden light, as you call it a “soft light” allowing the tones you described to appear, Joanne. 🙂
      Hope you have a warm and special celebration this Thanksgiving. No accidents or falls, tell your son and be extra careful, friend. ❤

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