Roses given out for Two Awards: Blogger Recognition Award and an Inaugural Treasure Trove Award


Protected yellow roses grow along 

a cement block wall in my apartment

parking lot, as well as this beautiful

Red Rose ~ * ~ in its singular position

by  a  nearby cream-colored home.

My new friend, Sarah, nominated

me for a “Blogger Recognition Award.”

Her beautiful blog, full of interest,

history and smart posts are found at:

Thank you so much, Sarah! ❀

Please go visit her and see

how you may receive my

nominations in the 

“proper fashion!”

Roses sent out to

a combination of

old and new friends,

giving no formal advice out,

hard to choose just fifteen!

Just saying you are part of my

bouquet of joyfulness and gratitude.

1. Karen,

2. Luanne,

3. Brenda,

4. Derrick,

5. Joanne,

6. Marissa,

7. Diana,

8. Merril,

9. Lisa,

10. George,

11. Jill,

12. Annika,

13. Jonathan,

14. Dan,

15. Deborah,

If you are a new friend like the

following people, you may

check out the rules and

find the award “emblem”

as well as follow the rules!

The Inaugural “Treasure Trove Award”

was created for fellow bloggers who

add unique qualities or subjects 

such as art, music, photography,

community participation, 

health and fitness, friendship, 

humor, creative writing, 

entertainment, life lessons 

or whatever you feel are

“treasures in our blogosphere.”

Check out Danica’s original

new and exciting award post:

Thank you so much, Danica! ❀

Try these “brand new”

or ones I haven’t

given awards

to bloggers:

1. Sarah,

2. Sarah, 

(plus Choppy and Schooner)

3. Riccardo,

4. Ameci,

5. Kiril,

6. Kimberly,

7. 18 New Zealander,

8. Chris

9. Ash,

10. Anita,


75 responses »

    • Danica, your award is awesome! ❀ I liked your emblem but I blog on a cell phone and couldn't figure out how to download the beautiful treasure chest. Thank you very much for thinking of me!

  1. FΓ©licitations en double mon amie! Richly deserving of many prizes you are and thank you for giving me a whole trove of new blogs to explore. I shall have some fun a little later today foraging through them all (well, the ones I don’t already know that is) xx

    • Fiona, thank you for your kind salutations! I think you gave me deux. πŸ™‚ Is this what “double” means? I only took one year of French! I hope some of the blogs “hit the spot,” dear. ❀

      • Deux means two double is the same in both languages except in French we pronounce it ‘dooble’ instead of ‘dubbel’ and it is my pleasure …. I mean ever word!

    • Fiona, this was such a good French lessons and reminder. It is always good to have extra doses of joy. It doesn’t take much to brighten our days, does it, Fi!?
      Hope you find some gems in this collection. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Anneli! You didn’t get a rose but your photographs were featured on a link from my blog and I painted a watercolor picture. πŸ™‚ Oh, and no one else was mentioned. You were a “solo” blogger! πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations Robin. Of course, I’m horrible with awards, but I appreciate your nomination and I really appreciate being placed in such good company as you and the other nominees. The rose is beautiful !

    • This was just a shout out and no need to reciprocate, Dan! Thank you for complimenting the others (and me, too.) πŸ™‚
      You deserved the recognition. I’m happy you liked the rose!

    • You are most welcome, Jonathan. I am happy the rose and award nomination brought you such an exuberant response! πŸ˜€ Your blog has original poetry you write, as well as your great photos. The gift of re-blogging others daily is quite generous of you!

    • You’re most welcome, Sarah! πŸ™‚ I am sure you will find a few who will “hit the spot” and develop as new friends. It is fun to visit your blog, which will have to wait till later Thanksgiving weekend. Heading to Mom’s after a ten hour work day. My three grown children and grandchildren are going to create a meal at my brother’s house. I am in charge of Mom, veggie tray, olives, Marley’s birthday cake and decorated napkins. ❀

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