Thursday’s Doors ~ 175 N. Liberty St. (Full view)


On a bright sunny day,

a yellow house with red garage,

seemed to grin and beam with joy.

It was pleased to have managed to get

through many children’s feet upon its

 emerald green lawn, wearing costumes 

of diverse characters and creatures. 

Leaves were mainly sticking to 

their branches, no need to 

have rakes nor owners 

collecting these 

in recycled 

paper bags.

Stretching its 

shutters and allowing

a light breeze in the front 

screen door, the house welcomed 

a warm November day to its interior 

and hoped the owners were able to

relax and enjoy their weekend.

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community of doors,

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11 responses »

    • Thank you, Dan! I felt this one looked like it expected guests. . .
      The color scheme is one of my favorites!
      Hope you and your family, Faith, the Editor, (brother and niece) will have a happy Thanksgiving day and a blessed weekend. πŸ™‚

    • This was great spotting the red garage, as I felt it added a touch of whimsy to this all American house! πŸ™‚
      Sarah, I was telling another Sarah on the next post, I think of the whitewashed bricks as graham cracker crust, the lemon colored siding with white meringue trim just makes it my favorite combination!
      Hope you have a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving, Sarah! ❀

  1. The house does seem friendly, but unassuming. Comfortable– like the way you are with old friends.
    I like the colors, too–the pale yellow with black shutters and the red brickwork and garage.

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