Thursday’s Doors ~ 175 North Liberty Street (Front porch view)


This house invites you in,

asking all visitors ~

Please join “my” family who lives

within “my” buttercream sides,

white washed brick and black rod

iron railing overlooking a neatly kept

lawn, gardens with bird bath and

arrangement of pumpkin and

bird house on a black bench. 

“My” windows and front door

 with white borders, have

bold  black  shutters.

You may enjoy viewing “my” 

full frontal appearance on

the next post, side svelte view too.

Join and enjoy our Thursday’s Doors

by stopping by to check out 

Norm Frampton’s doors,

as well as others links

on his blog at:

Note: This is not my own house 

nor a member of my family’s.

The poem was written

as if the house were

inviting you in. 

Hope you have a

Happy Thanksgiving!
x o x o x o x o x

Thanksgiving thought from 

Charles Stanley:

“A hoarded blessing is never enjoyed

as richly as a shared one. Using your gift 

to meet someone else’s need glorifies

God by demonstrating His grace at

work in your life. Don’t let His generous

provisions end with you. Pass them on

and discover the joy of a never-ending

cycle of blessings.”


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    • Thanks, Beth! It was hard to choose from but I call this one my lemon meringue house, with whitewashed bricks, lemon yellow siding and white meringue trim. 🙂
      Happy gathering and feast time to you, dear friend! My three grown and seven grandies are almost to Cleveland in their caravan! I am proud of their extra efforts to share the time with the kids and my Mom. It is a major undertaking!

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