Early morning fog and sunbeams


~ the location ~

Overlooking an intersection,

crosswalks help students to

hurry where fields of lacrosse, 

soccer and baseball were played 

from Spring through Fall. 

~ the view ~

The fog floats over now quiet

green campus grounds,

drifting sleepily along.

~ my wish ~

Hope this makes your day 

burst into sunbeams!

It is the last Sunday of November,

month full of so much in content

where gratefulness was present.


~ a quotation from 

John Henry Jowett ~

“Thankfulness is not a minor virtue.

It is not one of the elementary virtues

that may be left behind as we become

more mature. I believe thankfulness

is essential to the strength of every

virtue, and that without it, every 

other branch is starved and lean.

Life without thankfulness is devoid 

of love and passion. Hope without 

thankfulness is lacking in fine

perception. Faith without

thankfulness lacks strength

and fortitude. Every virtue

divorced from thankfulness

is maimed and limps 

along the spiritual road.”

Hope your Sunday is full

of gratitude and serenity.


43 responses »

    • The sun is chasing the fog in the foreground away. I hope you may enlarge the photograph and see the fog is floating over the grass and wispy white trails are all around the back of this.
      I am a little bit upset by your not looking more carefully. Haven’t you ever noticed sunlight melts the fog from the top of the sky down?

    • I hope people don’t disagree with the way you describe what you happen to see and enjoy. I love the way sunlight is taking the heavy, cold fog away. Fog and sunbeams are special.

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  2. That is such a beautiful picture and I absolutely love that quote on Thankfulness …. wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone just embraced those words – swallowed them like moonbeams … then I really believe the gentle glow that emitted inside them would eradicate so much bitterness and jealously and greed and it really could be Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World come to life!

    • Thank you for mentioning people “swallowing moonbeams” and the impact of thankfulness letting off a gentle glow! What a truly beautiful interpretation of the quote, eradicating the bad things you listed of “bitterness, jealousy and greed.” Your vision spread an aura of light upon this post.
      Thank you so much!
      The air was heavy and cold, yet the sunlight melted away the fog. So, to see it you have to look closely but I love the trails of white wispy fog left at the feet of the trees and across the blades of grass, Fiona! ❀

    • This was such a beautiful response which when I read it again today, tears sprung to my eyes, Fiona! I certainly wish sending out a happy photo with simple wishes could be like those gorgeous thoughts sung by the legendary Louis Armstrong. If only. . .
      xo blowing you kisses and reaching through cyberspace to hug you, Fi!

  3. What a lovely photo. I love the little touch of mystery that a fog or mist adds to an ordinary place. The quote on thankfulness covers it well. Many of us have so much to be thankful for that sometimes we don’t even realize it. I hope you had a lovely holiday celebration with your family, Robin.

    • Lana, thank you for your kind wishes! I appreciate how you describe fog or mist’s effects upon scenery. I like the way if you enlarge this, there are wispy, white “ghostly” trails at the feet of the trees in the background and upon the grass blades. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for hoping my holiday went well (it did and was nice my three grown children made the effort to come up and bring 7 grandkids to let my Mom talk to, visit with and enjoy! My son and his wife brought side dishes, my oldest daughter brought turkey, potatoes and stuffing while the rest of us filled in the spaces with more food! Working the past two days is quite a letdown from so much fun!
      I hope yours with your musician and son was extra special like you are! ❀

      • Thank you, Robin. My Thanksgiving was delicious and fun. I know what you mean about the pesky work week shouldering in and zapping our leisure time…..but another holiday is right around the corner πŸ™‚

    • Jonathan, I am glad you can see the fog in the background, creeping over the grass and around the trees! It seemed to melt quickly after the sun started to shine! Thanks for re-blogging this post, dear friend! πŸ™‚

      • So this photograph was taken with a mobile phone camera, impressive, that was nice of your grandson to let you use his mobile phone; so Pokemon Go is not dead yet, it is has been a while since I have heard of anyone playing it, hehehe. πŸ˜‰

        -John Jr

      • My youngest grandson and two granddaughters play on my phone and there was a battle taking place, so I grabbed an older grandson’s phone. Sort of a boring addition but better explanation. Smiles, Robin

      • That is not boring at all Reocochran, that additional information actually makes it more exciting.

        Just think about it, you were able to capture this nice photograph using someone else’s camera on their mobile phone in the middle of a Pokemon Go battle, you were able to capture a moment of beauty in the middle of virtual war semi-imposed on the real world. πŸ˜€

        -John Jr

      • You are welcome Reocochran, thank you, and I hope that you will also have a good Tuesday. πŸ˜‰

        The new default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen may be released today or later this week, I guess I will find out after work today, if it does come out today I am curious to test it out.

        -John Jr

      • There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, though themes are not new technology, you are using a theme now on your blog (an old one that is probably not even responsive) which is basically the look and design of your blog. πŸ˜‰

        Surprisingly they did not release the new default theme yesterday or today yet, but maybe they will release it tomorrow.

        I like to change my theme at least every year for a new look for my blog and so that my blog has access to the latest features/et cetera, and will meet the latest accessibility standards/et cetera so that people will hopefully have an easier and faster reading experience on my blog across various devices.

        Remember you can always preview themes safely without having to enable them. πŸ˜‰

        -John Jr

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