Wood Sculpture by Randy


Chunks of wood

Varied trees fallen 

or cut to allow passage

of electrical or telephone

wires, messages worth saving.

Wood creating new form through

sawing, sanding and caring.

Time spent by artist who had a vision.

Sister in law, Susan and brother, Rich

placed this in front picture window.

Pillows for pups of golden retriever,

dachshund-beagle mix and Shih Tzu

where they may find themselves

“Zoning out with Zen” radiating

from the creative mind of 

a sculptor/artist/Zen master.


Visitors may not realize Randy 

is my 18 months younger brother.

Let me know what you think 

and if you have found 

inspiring thoughts.


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    • Thank you sincerely! Randy doesn’t read many of my posts but I point them out from time to time! πŸ™‚
      Hope this week is fulfilling in your school work, courses and outside views, Chris.

    • This comment made me think of the Simon and Garfunkel (older than your age’s music) sometimes on the radio:
      “Slow down, you move too fast, . . .
      Got to make the morning last. . .
      (something like skipping) down the cobblestones and feelin’ groovy.” πŸ™‚
      We have busy lives but should take time this holiday season to “be in the moment,” Chris.

    • Mike, thanks so much for the words with warmth and caring shown. I am happy this one will stay in the family! Now, if only I could purchase one, too. Ha ha!
      I am blessed with a few glass sculptures, one wooden one, as well as a montage of Randy’s paintings. πŸ™‚

    • I was hoping you would like this one, Diana. It is so full of natural shaping as well as where it all came from. . . Just nice to share with you, maybe your characters have a woodworker or artist among their inhabitants?

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  2. There is power and movement in those upward turned wings – like a moment of “AH!’ wonder. It may be the angle you took the photo from, but I thought I saw a baby bird nestled beneath the wings ….. Randy has made something wonderful here!

    • Pauline, such an artistic way to view this!
      Randy has another taller, uniquely wave-like sculpture which is similar to this. It is called (interestingly enough), “Oh, Wind!”as my Mom likes the poem and exclaimed it’s title to him! I call it “Ah, wind!” Which he corrects me on this. I like that you thought of “Ah!” In wonder.
      There isn’t a baby bird but there is a bump in the wing or curvature. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you, Anneli. Randy is blessed with vision and ability to create what he likes.
      I guess it is fun to be able to write about art, where the words won’t be taken wrong or as criticism. I love my brother and his art has been inside him all his life, expressed in a wide variety of ways. I am excited that this one will be in our family, since when he sells pieces I like, it makes me sad that I may never see them again!

    • You are the second one who visualized wings and I love the way you interpreted this piece!
      I can tell you this would go with one of Randy’s life journeys, too. He had quadruple heart bypass surgery, we were talking over Thanksgiving, nearly eight years ago at age 52. That put a big halt in his energy level but he gathered himself, regrouped and became stronger, lighter in weight and more open to others, too. He used to have the “angst” of an artist but now, he’s a new, improved version of the brother I have always loved. I am glad I will get to see this sculpture at my younger brother, Rich and Susan’s house.
      Many times, in the course of his artwork, I have seen a piece I adored and that would be the first and last time I did!

    • Kath, thank you! You have an eye and artistic talent in drawing details, I especially like your birds and creatures. πŸ™‚
      I would say Randy is the true artist of our family, my oldest daughter Carrie would be next and somewhere, after a few talented crayon drawing grandies, I may have a “smidge” of talent, too.

      • More than a smidge Robin the art work that I have seen is beautiful and you have a talent for writing also. As long as we do what we love and love ourselves because we are setting ourselves free, what could be better than that.

    • Jennie, thank you for your enthusiastic response!
      What was kind of cool was the swirling clouds on my Thanksgiving post were taken the week before this visit to my younger brother and sister in law’s home. I think this sculpture of curving, connected wood pieces has a water wave “look,” a swirling small tornado or cloud formation “look” to it!

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