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Pastel cotton candy clouds


The skies were layered in

late Autumn with these puffs,

rippling waves and pinks 

with peaches against 

lovely turquoise sky.

Over electrical wires and 

odds and ends but I still

couldn’t resist sharing!

I left off a few special people

on my post for Christmas or

Holiday gifts to purchase from

fine and creative fellow bloggers.

Here there are more to keep 

in mind as the New Year, 

2017,  approaches. . .

Where you will find beauty, 

shimmery artistic “danglers”

to catch the bright sunshine

and send cheery days in

amidst wintery blustery days.

Pauline also is a painter of

Beautiful and brilliant

mandelas to decorate

and enjoy like their

suncatcher siblings.

The other two are

authors who share

wisdom, grace and

doses of healthy laughter.

Check out Colleen Brown’s books:

Check out Sheila Morris’s books:

Nestled and snug in their “beds”


The grandies are going to spend 

Christmas Eve at Nana’s house!

First time in five years!

They were overnight 

on a warm November

night, but right away,

I thought of my blog

when I saw the 

M & M girls

with their

sweet little heads


Just couldn’t 


part two 

of  “t’was

the Night Before 

Christmas. . .”

Enjoy the end of


Awe-inspiring sky


We will have had a Christmas Eve “day”

meal together, my family and I.

The busiest household asked 

me to take a few children

off their hands since


Santa is coming tonight!

xo   🙂   xo

“Twas the night before Christmas,

when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse. . .”


The author, Dr. Clement C. Moore,

was born in New York in 1779.

One of his major writing

contributions to literature

and learning is the book,

“Hebrew and English Lexicon.”

Note that this is surpassed

in numbers of people who

read and enjoy his poem

which I started this post

with, originally titled:

“A Visit from St. Nicholas.”


I adore the illustrations in my

little book drawn by artist,

Arthur Rackham.

He was born in

1867, with his final

illustrating endeavor found

in “The Wind and the Willows.”


May your weekend be joyful,

as you celebrate, let it be merry.

Those who still believe 

in Santa and magic, 

wishing you  the most 

Jolly Holiday ever!

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (close up)


You may remember another shop

which was featured in the Fall.

It was a shop connected in this

grand brick building, separated 

by interior walls with several

places. The Choffey’s coffee

and tea shop with decadent

chocolates is on the left

of  this  florist shop.

It’s hard to capture,

showing how each

has its individual


This door in an 

older brick building

has fun with both formal 

and informal floral

holiday arrangements.

This is part of a series of doors,

with a link here to the founder,

Norm Frampton and his followers:

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (floral shop)


“Shop local”

in your small or medium town,

keep the sales tax in your county.

Help your neighbors and downtown

area stay open and love lively!

First Friday, in our small town,

had hundreds of local people 

singing carols, some dressed 

in antique Edwardian English

style garb, costumes or

winter clothing as

there were luminaries

paper bags or plastic jugs

with candles lit and metal barrels

full of kindling and pine cone 

aroma radiating from their

hissing and crackling

warm, cozy flames.

Shoppers greeting,

children laughing

as each one visualized

a bright and merry season.


Her is a link to other

fellow Thursday’s Doors,

those who keep an eye out

for something special to

weekly share!

Happy Holidays to you!


Thursday’s Doors ~ December 15, 2016, Side View


This lengthy side room,

with multiple paned windows

capture my rapt attention as I drove

past it to meet my youngest daughter

at the Whitney House for lunch.

Worthington, Ohio is where I

shared a precious, special

antique looking window

of the Worthington Inn

last Christmas holiday.

I hope there will be a choice

below the friends who like

thus post, where you may

be whisked away to a

different time period

since last year I went

“All Out” in my door-

chasing escapades!

Happy viewing of other

Thursday’s Doors with

links to connect found on

Norm Frampton’s blog:

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 15, 2016, Front View


Worthington, Ohio 


still green grass, 

leaves scattered,

window boxes with 

holly berries and ivy 

decorating them.

The rock border is similar

to how my Mom and Dad lined

their gardens with lake stones.

Don’t you like the idea of going 

through windowed-lined porch

to get to the front door?

Check out the next post

for the long side porch!

This  is  much  more 

than a boot room,

mud room or 

front porch 


Welcome to 


Dream house!

I remember playing

with my good friend’s

Barbie “dream house.”

Enjoy a variety of doors on

fellow bloggers’ posts labeled,

“Thursday’s Doors,”  with our

fearless leader, Norm Frampton:

Enjoy dreaming of a “White Christmas!”