Thursday’s Doors ~ December 1, 2016


So much to see!

A pagoda,

an Elephant,

Delaware, Ohio

Horse mail box,

antique lanterns,

Christmas  swags,

pots of chrysanthemums.

This is 185 West Winter Street

a bed and breakfast place

across the street from 

The Arts Castle.

This door post 

is part of a group of

doors photographers

who have added their links

to our founder and leader,

Norm Frampton whose blog is: 

Happy Door’s Hunting!


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    • I am always pleased when I choose a home (plus a bed and breakfast inn) where people seemed the warmth and beauty from the outside, Annika. The website displays beautifully decorated rooms with antiques and interesting memorabilia. I would love to stay here, too! πŸ™‚

  1. So pretty! I love how the doors are decked for Christmas, the potted mums line the steps, and the leaves are still scattered on green grass. What a great find! πŸ™‚

    • Joey, this one is so unique in its presentation! I imagined more antique curiosities inside and was scanning the pretty four rooms and dining room for something to mention on their website. I like the way each room has a style and name attached . . .

  2. It is nice to see people making an effort. I too have decorated my windows with the same shiny things I used last year and the previous year… πŸ™‚ Still, they invite that festive spirit we all love.

    • I love shiny decorations, as well as brightly colored bows and ribbons. In my own apt, I have a wide variety of new and old “small” decorations. My grandies took my balls and hung them on all the knobs in the apt as well as a sleigh bells on the door to the hallway, Inese. Thanks for sharing your own festive spirit! xo

  3. oh you are quite the excellent poetess – my favorite kind! straightforward and clear with beauty and a bit of air….
    and the doors are really festive – a biota royalty with the white wood and classic greens – or “Christmas swags” as you note…
    really like the whole post – doors and more….

    • I wouldn’t qualify as a poetess, but appreciate your liking my writing style! I enjoy trying to learn what people like and what they don’t. It has been quite a unique journey! Take care and talk soon. . . πŸ™‚

      • thanks Robin, and for some reason I know want to call you reo – robin – from the name on your blog handle –
        anyhow, sometimes the free verse style makes reading a breeze – and there is a myth that good poetry has to be symbolic or challenging – or have meter – and all that – those are styles – and when I read your flowing style – I sense the essence of the writer in the most natural way – and so trust me – you are a poetess – but your humility is sweet too –

      • Well, Reo was “cool” in the 70’s as my maiden initials! (Thanks to the REO Speedwagon band!)
        Thank you for this title and nice description of how you perceive my writing. Thank you!

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