Thursday’s Doors ~ December 1, 2016


Although this doors post is straddling

the distance between Thanksgiving

and Christmas, I felt the decorations

were colorful and creatively presented.

This home is a bed and breakfast,

The Winter Street Inn.

Four choices of rooms,

each named after famous resident,

with carriage house providing

largest room for guests. 

Reasonably priced, 

starting at $145.

The historical landmark 

plaque earning its distinction

in time and care taken.

This Thursday’s Doors

is part of a collection

of door aficionados,

led by an able leader,

Norm Frampton.

Please check out other doors,

in various locations and forms at:

Hope you will have a lovely 

and special December!


33 responses »

  1. A very elegant looking home and for reasons I can’t explain. the name Winter Street is really appealing to me I picture a broad, tree-lined avenue full of stately buildings like this one.

    I noticed the thin windows just beneath the roof line. How curious … an attic space?

    • Joanne, their website displays beautiful rooms, with elegant furnishings. I may not be able to answer your excellent question about those windows tucked under the roof eaves. I noticed them and pictured high ceilinged second floor rooms being lit from above, on the inside, by these sweet windows.
      I was charmed by the street names here when I arrived 30 years ago. Spring, Liberty, Washington, Franklin, Lincoln, Winter and Noble Streets are all close to the downtown area. This home is on the corner of Elizabeth and Winter Street. Interesting that the carriage house in back of this home is painted lavender or dove gray with shutters of a deeper lavender (dare I say, purple?)!

  2. A very Regal building Robin, that is the style of house that promises a touch of the old world in its interior, times when the gentile class of people would appreciate the beauty of the elegance of life.
    Another of your lovely houses I would buy.

    • Oh, I would enjoy staying here, Ian! The rooms are featured on their website and are simply gorgeous in their dรฉcor. Thank you for enjoying this Doors post today, as well as giving it a “glowing review.” Your including the old world and regal description was extra special! xo

    • Jill, the bed and breakfast has a beautiful inclusion of each room and their elegant dรฉcor is very pleasing to my eyes. I like this idea of a story being set here! What a wonderful idea! This is across the street from the Arts Castle and kitty corner from the OWU Monett Music Department building. (It is not Monet, I checked. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    • Anneli, I used to live in a house surrounded by trees from junior high through college years. My parents taught us to lay sheets down and as a “team” my brothers and I would rake leaves onto the sheets, drag them to the back part of our property and burn them. Now this would be fined and considered air pollution. I liked the musty smell and yet, glad to be finished with this chore! We used a leaf blower in our last house I owned as an adult. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was nearly 60 degrees on this sunny and warm day, Merril! Your natural details pointed out were elements I enjoy, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I just love what we used to call “Indian Summer.” The four rooms and beautiful dining room are featured on their Winter Street Inn website. The elegant dรฉcor is authentic, displaying antiques and keeping with the style of the exterior.
      Jill (above) suggested it would be an ideal place to set a story in! I liked this idea and may revisit this, in a different, less busy time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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