Christmas in a unique setting 


Central Ohio’s Renaissance festival

includes so many aspects of history,

pirates, Vikings, lords and ladies.

The dramatic Robin Hood play

asked for volunteers to portray

Little John, who is rather bulky.

Landen screamed and yelled,

(age 11) and was chosen to

“gear up” with a pillow

padding to carry a 

hefty sword and

receive guffaws


Here are from 

Left to Right:

Lara, Skyler and Micah,

with Jolly St. Nicholas!

This was taken close to

Halloween, 2016

where Skyler

was an eerie

Joker with

green hair!

Looks festive to me!


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  1. Lovely photo and description…this is exactly what Father Christmas should look like with the great beard and amazing hat. Also had to laugh at Sklyer’s hair – brilliant! Everyone festive adding to my Christmas spirit of the morning!😀

    • This is a fun idea for a costume, Marissa. There were various locations and themes at the Renaissance Festival. It has been awhile since I attended. I go to my Mom’s over Halloween and during the festival time. Her birthday is November first. 🙂

    • I think the ale would be great, Sarah! I like mead, which my youngest daughter suggested on my birthday in November. It was sweeter and I enjoyed sipping it. I wonder if they have mead at the Bier Garden?!
      I was up at my Mom’s during Halloween and the Renaissance Festival. The family sent plenty of pictures over both occasions. 🙂

    • Ha ha, Shehanne! 🙂 Argh, Pirates. . .
      I missed this a few years in a row. I always visit my Mom over Halloween and my kids go the following weekend with their own children to the Renaissance festival. I received plenty of picture messages via cell phones. 🙂 My Mom’s birthday is the day after Halloween and we celebrated her 88th birthday together. xo

      • WOW 88. Well done her. Lovely you could celebrate together too. Even better actually. Oh pirates and Vikings and all yessssss…sounds great fun this. I do love festivals. I am great supporter of them. Always fun x

      • I can imagine your companion critters would enjoy festivals with the delicious foods and costumes. Shehanne you show such creativity on your posts! 🙂

    • I would definitely have taken a photograph of this unique eye window on the thatched looking roof, Dan. I haven’t been to the Renaissance Festival since I started blogging. Mom moved into her senior living apartment building and I made a commitment to visit and spend her birthday. My grown children and the grandies sent me picture messages over Halloween and during the Renaissance Festival. 🙂

    • Pauline, thank you for this enthusiastic comment! I think he looked very scary as the Joker while Micah portrayed Diablo from a movie called, “The Suicide Squad.” My Mom liked looking at the photos of both Halloween and the Renaissance Festival. She agreed with you about Sky’s hair, only she called him the jolly Green Giant. 🙂

      • Mom really cracks me up, I am sure she would amuse you. On a serious note, my brother her executor, thinks her last stint in the hospital showed she is eating less and not doing very well in her self-care habits. She doesn’t take too kindly when I try to help her, sadly. When we just relax and not mention any guidelines, she’s a hoot and a peach. 🙂

      • That must be hard Robin. It sounds like your mom has begun the letting go process. And it can be challenging for moms to take advice or help from their children at the best of times – moms are moms, no matter how old their children are now! Sending lots of love to you both.

    • On another subject, Pauline. I was thinking about my Christmas gift wish list post. Would you like me to add your blog!? At first I was thinking your art and beautiful danglers would be too hard to make in time for Christmas. This prevented me from including you. Then, since this was prepared on last Thursday, I posted it on Saturday. I will delete this later after I send this as a reply. I don’t want others to read our conversation. Hope this didn’t hurt your feelings, you are a dear and special friend. xo

      • I’m not at all hurt or offended Robin 🙂 I’m tucked away in the far corner of the world and it takes at least ten days for anything to get anywhere – but my little bloggy shop is always open 🙂

      • This is such a sweet relief, Pauline. I will let it go on a solo announcement. New year’s wishes for bright and shiny danglers would brighten some windows and lives. . .

    • It looked really fun this year, they each were given a certain amount of money. Some got their face painted, others rode on a camel and some bought trinkets.
      I was lucky to receive picture messages of both events, Chris. 🙂
      I was at my Mom’s celebration of her 88th birthday and spent two weekends and the days in between. 🙂

      • Nice. It’s been great since I joined FB, I see many more photos of our nieces and nephews. Giving a set amount of money is a fun way to teach financial responsibility. Have a great night!

      • This is a fantastic way to continue bonds and keep in touch!
        Glad you approve of the budget given the grandkids. 🙂
        I am not on FB but the younger ones in my family really enjoy this, Chris.

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    • Thanks, Luanne! ❤
      It was really rather lucky but he wore green hair for two whole weeks, his friends liked it but football coach made a comment. I am sure theatre people love my oldest daughter's choices each year of her costume designs and makeup of the boys. She sews their costumes. Micah had washable red hair dye as Diablo from the Suicide Squad movie. Rather intense but he loves scary costumes, age 7 1/2. 🙂

    • Jan, this was such a fun comment! It has been awhile since I have been to the Renaissance Festival, but my grown children sent me picture text messages to keep my Mom and I filled in.
      Mom cracked me up by calling Sky the jolly Green Giant. 🙂
      I am usually at my Mom’s for her birthday around Halloween and the weekend my kids like to go to the festival.

    • Christy, thanks for noticing the details in this summary of family events. I thought it would be fun to save this photo for Christmas instead of an autumn post.
      I appreciate your thinking the form was like a poem! xo

  3. Jan, this is such a great comment! It has been awhile since I have gone but my family went to this while I was visiting my Mom over Halloween and their next weekend’s Renaissance Festival. I received plenty of picture text messages. It was their “best” fun they said! 🙂

  4. St. Nicholas looks so cute. I can see a very serious attention to detail in his costume. Santa Claus usually looks like he just got out of bed and is heading to the bathroom 🙂

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