Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (floral shop)


“Shop local”

in your small or medium town,

keep the sales tax in your county.

Help your neighbors and downtown

area stay open and love lively!

First Friday, in our small town,

had hundreds of local people 

singing carols, some dressed 

in antique Edwardian English

style garb, costumes or

winter clothing as

there were luminaries

paper bags or plastic jugs

with candles lit and metal barrels

full of kindling and pine cone 

aroma radiating from their

hissing and crackling

warm, cozy flames.

Shoppers greeting,

children laughing

as each one visualized

a bright and merry season.


Her is a link to other

fellow Thursday’s Doors,

those who keep an eye out

for something special to

weekly share!

Happy Holidays to you!



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  1. I had to zoom in to see what kind of shop this is Robin. It is really lovely and great for Thursday doors. The first Friday with costumed characters sounds great. I hope you’re doing well and your holiday plans are humming along. Cheers

    • Holiday greetings, Chris! 🙂
      I usually post two or more separate door posts on each subject. Then, one will have details about the individual door and building; with the other one telling a story. I have displayed two planetariums, two coffee shops, many houses and university doors. It is a fun program that I joined before I took pictures! I had to use descriptive words.

    • Merril, this was your second comment and it was so appreciated! This florist shop has a really nice family with a mother and two daughters who work there. They act “goofy” in a “commercial” they made together to be shown with other local shops’ ads before the film is shown at our local century old theater. We still have movie previews shown. 🙂
      Your different weekend activities with husband, and sometimes daughter, have shown lots of fun street scenes. You would fit right into the crowd joined in the two blocks closed off once a month, (in October it was three blocks closed.)

    • You are a perfect example of someone who enjoys her local book store and coffee shop, Beth. You demonstrate shopping and promoting local actively on your blog!
      As well as festivals and fundraisers carried out on the streets are a pleasure to read about your very involved town. 🙂

    • Jill, this makes me happy to know this may be helpful to the scenery of a future book you write! ❤
      For a small town, I am proud of the many types of shops we have, there is a cheese and meat shop, a wine shop, soon an olive oil place, two brewery style pubs, two antique markets and the lovely Ohio and local homemade items shop. Merry Christmas to you,your family and Derek.

    • Jenny, your niece and your family have really nice homemade items. 🙂 I hope their cute cards, stationery and baby booties are still going strong! Merry, merry happy holidays and new year’s!

    • Thanks, Dan! I am glad you support local shops and enjoy their original wares. I liked the window for the Choffey’s coffee place and less the door. This floral shop is a better door example than most downtown stores. Hope your holidays are cozy, warm and peaceful.

  2. Dearest Robin, I wish you a peaceful and joyous festive season surrounded by those you love and the best of all things yet to come in 2017. I am a huge supported of all things local so I loved the key message of this piece.

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