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Snow in Cleveland, Ohio


What to do in the snow

includes making a snowman.

Here’s a list going around the ‘net,

“Lessons from a Snowman 

* It’s okay to wear white after 

Labor  Day!

* Simply hanging out in your yard

is fun!

* Accessories don’t have to be fancy

or expensive!

* We’re all mostly made of water.

* You know you’ve arrived when a

song is written for you!

* So what if you’re a little

bottom heavy?

* Don’t get too much sun!

* Sweating too much can be disastrous.”

*** author unknown ***

Trees are elegant


Stately sturdy trees,

Elegant, balanced examples of

Nature’s soldiers.

Their beauty is bewitching,

Silhouettes enchanting,

Nature’s finest example of giving:


thanks to green chlorophyll,

Homes for. . .

creatures as big as 

Orangutans and Cheetahs,

(Children, too.)

Homes for. . .

songsters sweet and chirping.

Chittering, chattering pranksters

chipmunks and squirrels

chasing each other, 

such scampering imps!

Trees open their arms

and embrace us all.

In their final hour, 


wood for warmth

and furniture.

words written by ~

Robin Oldrieve Cochran.

Winter in January, 2017.


Prayer at Sunrise

“O greater Maker of this Thy great sun,

Give me the strength this 

one day’s race to run.

Fill me with light,

Fill me with sunlight strength.

Fill me with joy to rob

the day its length.

Light from within,

Light that will outward shine,

Strength to make stronger 

some weaker heart than mine.

Joy to make glad each soul

that feels its touch;

Great Father of the sun,

I ask this much.”

~ James Weldon Johnson

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 3


This is the corner location

of the Espresso Bar

with amazing 


Coffeeology, where 

Winter Street crosses

Sandusky Street,




The 3 parts make a

whole different kind

of coffee shop,



Please check out

more links to doors

found at:

Thank you to our host:

Norm Frampton!

x x x x

Final quotation
Subject: Coffee!

“Coffee is a lot more than 

just a drink; it’s something happening.

Not as in hip, but like an event,

a place to be, but not like a location, 

but like somewhere within yourself.

It gives you time, but not actual

hours or minutes, but a chance

to be, like be yourself and

have a second cup of coffee.”

~ Gertrude Stein,


Happy Thursday

and upcoming weekend!


Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 2


This is a window of


New coffee show in town.

Our Thursday’s Doors host:

Here’s a quote on the 

Power of Coffee:

“It is inhumane, in my opinion,

to force people who have a genuine

medical need for coffee to wait in line

behind people who apparently view

it as some kind of recreational activity.”

~ Dave Barry, 

Humorist, Author

x x x x

Please check out my third view 

of one of my favorite buildings.

Isn’t it elegant and doesn’t

it have character?

Thursday’s Doors ~ first glimpse, Town’s new coffee shop 


As you can see our sidewalks are broad.

We have many coffee shops, 

One around the corner,

One down the street,

One only five doors down.

This is Coffeeology.

It is located on our “main street,”

43 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015.

This is part of a group

of doors featured on Thursdays.

We are rather unique, all sorts of door

choices to be found on our caring

Coordinator, Norm Frampton’s

Blog with links to connect you:

Now, for our 

Coffee Quotes for the Day:

“I’d rather take coffee than

compliments just now.”

~ Louisa May Alcott, 

“Little Women”

x x x x

“Do you know how helpless you
feel if you have a cup of coffee

In your hand and you

start to sneeze?”

~ Jean Kerr,

Humorist, author of 

“Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.”

x x x x

Thanks for joining me and please

check out my other glimpses 

of this new shop in town!