Sunbow brightens the day!


There are some who call this something,

and others who call this “that,”

while I think since no rain, 

must be a Sunbow!


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  1. Yup – that’s a great name for it and you join the ranks of the great writers who were all apt to make up their own words rather than remain static in the language dictated by others. By the way Robin, Happy New Year to you …. I hope 2017 is full of joy and content and peace and laughter and love. Mostly love xx

    • Thanks, Fiona for your sweet wishes! I was hoping I had stopped by at “your place” and left some holiday greetings. . . I will make sure tonight to see what’s happening with you. Lunchtime’s is nearly over!

      • Don’t rush – I haven’t posted since Christmas Eve but normal service should be resumed later today/tomorrow … whatever ‘normal’ is – I’ve never quite discovered, I don’t think!!! Hugs

    • Light refraction is all I could find on the meteorology site I checked, so I made it up, Diana. There are umbrellas named Sunbow. (a Chinese or Asian company, I think.) Thanks for looking and commenting, D. ❀

    • I am so excited about my nomination. Last year, I wasn’t sure if I was going to promote myself but realize everyone should stop by and visit. They will enjoy reading the nominations people sent you. Big hugs and thank you, dear. ❀

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